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Welcome to New Mummy Blog!

Hello I’m Lynne a Gloucestershire based stay at home mummy of two girls: H who is almost 5 an B who is nearly 2.5.

I blog about our life, home, days out, reviews, tips and whatever pops into my head: so expect the funny, the silly and a few toddler tantrums thrown in too. We, as a family, are also Disney mad. It had changed since visited as a child and teenager, but in March 2019 we visited Walt Disney World in Orlando as a family for the first time and our lives changed. Even while we were there it became a case of ‘next time we’ll do this, stay there, Fastpass+ that.

As a mum, everything is new: new experiences, challenges, tantrums and dilemas. We love new days out, have favourite haunts and love a holiday too. These are my favourite posts to write and also feature on my YouTubechannel. I’ve kept the name ‘New Mummy Blog’ as everything is still new and so it is still very apt, eventhough I’m not viewed as a “new mummy” any more.

One of my bit things has been finding the new me, who I am as well as being mummy. M time, running (haha yes, me!), and finding new things I love and can do around the kids.

History of New Mummy Blog

I’ve blogged here since July 2015, so you can also follow my pregnancy journey and the trials and tribulations of being pregnant, while chasing a toddler all day! In fave H has ow started school, and that is a whole new kettle of fish! Juggling the school run with a ‘no pushchair’ 2 year old is an experience, and a rainy day school run is exhausting. Aka. I end up soaked!

rtedIt was hard! It’s also quite hard being a mummy of two, and the threenager moments are something else entirely. As Toddler H has recently started playschool, I’m enjoying having a baby again, being me and being able to shop easily, and finally get our house sorted and organised.

I love that blogging brings parents together and lets our readers know they’re not the only ones going through these experiences. I love seeing comments on my posts that say “I thought it was just me! I’m so glad it’s not!” Being a parent is hard, but friends and blogs really help.

New Mummy Blog is a Parenting & Lifestyle Blog

Anyway, I guess you’re really here to learn a bit more about me, so here are the answers to a few common questions….

Why did I start this blog?

I started New Mummy Blog in July 2015 when my daughter Toddler H was 7 months old (she’s now just turned three). So far it’s followed me through my maternity leave and onto being a new stay at home mum (SAHM), a second pregnancy and being parents to two kids. I’m writing this blog to remember this amazing time as a new mummy, and, help others who might read this. Just so we know we’re not alone!

What do I blog about?

  • family & toddler craziness
  • days out and local attractions
  • pregnancy
  • home & diy
  • interiors
  • gardening

Where are we based?

In Gloucestershire, England, though I am Scottish, so we do pop there every so often!

What are our hobbies?

Walking, days out, family events and festivals, gardening, home

I love crafts and making things and hope that one day Toddler H will love them too!

What do I think of being a mum?

I LOVE it!! It’s the best feeling to see that little cheeky face grinning at me, trying to make me laugh. Listening to Baby H giggle is brilliant. I might have to start vlogging just so you can all hear how fabulous she is!

Why do I write reviews?

I write reviews as Hubby and I have thoroughly researched everything we have bought for Baby H. Despite this, we’ve still made mistakes, so our experiences might help you. I love reviewing products, well I am a scientist, so it’s not surprising that I analyse everything!

Work with me…

I would love to write sponsored posts, collaborate or review your product or attend your event.

We live in the South West and often have days out around the Cotswolds, Cheltenham, Gloucester and Bristol.

I am PR friendly, more info here or email me at [email protected] (or on the contact form below)


I was very flattered to be named Mum Blogger of the Week by MummyPages, October 2015, after 3 months of blogging.

In 2.5 years I have:
– 10k Twitter Followers
– 2.3k Instagram Followers
– 580 Facebook, 460 Pinterest, Google+, 101 You Tube are all in progress
– Ranked 91in the Tots 100 Ranking (out of 10,000 parent bloggers) in July 2017
– 151 in the Parent Blogger Rankings

Had several posts featured on linkies, and a Tots Good Read too.

New Mummy Blog has also been nominated for several awards – something that means a lot to me as it took time for every single person to choose me.

What are my favourite blog posts?

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Hope you enjoy reading,


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