Mummy In Business Guest Post Series


Welcome to my new guest post series “Mummy In Business” which showcases mummies who have their own businesses or are freelancers. If you have your own business and would like to take part, just answer these few questions (be as brief as you want!)


Business Owners questions:

Business Name:
Business Started:
Website & Social Media links:

Quick questions:
1. Tell us about your business?
2. Where do you deliver?
3. Price range?
4. Why did you decide to start your business?
5. What are your top tips to other mummy’s thinking about starting a business?

***Free range blub…. say what ever you want about your business… (optional)***


Freelancers questions:

1. ?What do you freelance in?

2. ?Did you work in this area before?

3. ?What are your tips for freelancing and juggling kiddies?

4. ?Why did you decide to freelance?

5. ?Do you have any tips for any other mummies who are thinking of becoming freelancers?

***Free range blub…. say what ever you want about your business… (optional)***


Extra info:

Send any pictures you want included to [email protected] (as many as you want, I can do a gallery) (you can send this in email if you want too or in Word etc.)

I’ll link up this interview on a few linkys and share it on my social media, and you can share it on your social media too, then in a few weeks, you’re welcome to also post this on your own blog too with a little line saying it was part of New Mummy Blog’s Mummy in Business series (with link to my blog).


Any questions, just shout!

Lynne x