How to put up a travel cot + and help collapse a stuck travel cot in SECONDS

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How to put up a travel cot
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HELP! The travel cot side is stuck! Help! The travel cot won’t stay up! Ahhhhhhh the travel cot won’t collapse! I think it’s broken!

Sound familiar? Are you currently stuck with one of these problems, or any travel cot issue? Well, this is a post is for you! I’ve done a quick video to show you how to put your travel cot up, down, and unstick the sides… basically answering all those pesky problems that make them so irritating…

After 5 years of travel cots and using many different ones, either cots we’ve owned or in cottages or caravans on holiday, I can confirm this how many difference branded travel cots work – all the same. So if your travel cot is a Mothercare, Babystyle, Joie, Red Kite, ….. or some other brand most of these work the same way and get stuck in the same way… this is how to get your travel cot up, make the sides stay up, get it down, and make those sides click and unclip.

How to put up a travel cot

  • Click the sides together – pull them up so they are ridged, both halves of the side should clunk in straight. Do opposite sides together, if you can. It should form a rectangle.
  • Push the middle down (in the base) – make sure the legs can move out as you do this (lifting a side in the corner can help).

How to take down a travel cot

It’s basically the opposite of putting it up!

  • Pull the middle up from the base (use the loop). It will probably fall over as you do this so hold a side!
  • Unclip the sides – squeeze the catch in the middle of each side so the sides are floppy and swing! Do opposite sides together so you know it’s even!

Let me know if this helps, and if you prefer to read the instructions I’ve popped a guide at the bottom of this post.

Have you had the same travel cot struggles as us? Let me know in the comments, and if this helped too!

Travel cot is stuck, travel cot instructions to put up and fold travel cot

Our struggle was real and that’s why I’ve been meaning to write this for years: we have battled with the travel cot so many times when H was little, before we really got to grips with it. Basically, putting up a travel cot is easy when you remember the knack but putting one up and down is something none of us do often. Many a time, we’d arrive late desperate to get the cot up for a sleepy baby/toddler and there would be me saying “YOU DO IT!” to the husband when I just couldn’t get the side to stay up.

You might remember I started this blog to be helpful for instance blogging about how we fix the Perfect Prep temperature warning light in a heatwave, or how to keep a toddler’s hat on… well this is one I’ve had on my list for years. How to put up a travel cot and take it down, including how to make the side click, and how to get it back down when it just won’t collapse.

I hope this helps if you’re stuck with your travel cot, a side not going up or down, or just the whole cot stuck up. Let me know in the comments below if it helped, and share with your friends if you like it!



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