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I’ve been busy packing for our next family holiday. This time we’re off to Ibiza! I never expected to type those words. Every time I say it, I sing the song, grin and pull a face. I’m so unsure, given I associate it with clubbing, and 18 year olds, but am assured it’s a beautiful island and very family friendly. We’re booked into a two bedroom apartment at a fantastic family friendly hotel run by Tui, the Tui Magic Life Cala Pada. Now, I thought this was 10 minutes from the airport, but it seems that must have been a different hotel. It’s 40 minutes- ooops, those babybrain moments still seem to strike! Fingers crossed that goes ok with B, a run everywhere almost 16 month old!! Back to my packing. Of course many things from my post from 2 years ago on tips for flying with a toddler stand true as B is almost 16 months old and she loves many things that were life savers when we flew with H to Menorca. I’m not going to repeat that post here, but we’ve taken most of those things with us on every flight and holiday since, so I thoroughly recommend them, even for 3 year olds!

Flying and packing for a family of four has a few more hurdles as we don’t really want to carry any extra suitcases, so four people’s luggage fits in two suitcases, and hand luggage basically comprises our two rucksacks.

Do I have any game changers? Yes! Is there anything I’d thoroughly recommend? Yes!

Packing cubes

Firstly, this is a game changer! Actually this is why I’m writing this post! 1. I feel organised. 2. Our cases look neat and tidy! 3. I don’t need a three. I’ve just packed most of our clothes into these super cheap, arrived the next day packing cubes from Amazon (link to buy them!).

Packing cubes our lifesaver for orfamily holiday to Ibiza - flying as a family of four

Everything feels organised, concise, tidy and packed! It’s a really brilliant feeling! I’ll update this later once we’ve been and are home. These were £6.69 for 6 bags, so they’re as cheap as chips. They feel like they should withstand the use, but I guess time will tell, but as they’re so cheap they don’t have to last years, I’ll be happy if they last a few holidays.


As of our holiday to Lanzarote in May, we’ve been enlightened. A Kindle is amazing! It is brilliant to be able to read while holding a child, doesn’t really take up any room, can read in the dark and crucially never loose my place when a child inevitably needs something, screams, or grabs hold of me to drag me somewhere. I’ve been against owning a Kindle for years, but hubby and I were totally converted. Don’t get me wrong, I still love a real book, and always will, but juggling kids, I always loose my page or they loose it for me, B loves books and bringing you your belongings. Now I can just read half a page at a time if that’s the time I get. Flying back from Lanzarote I had B asleep on me for an hour, H playing kids Kindle Fire phonics and I read the whole time. It was amazing.

“One handed reading really is a game changer!” 

 – New Mummy Blog on the Kindle


This is one thing which keeps H occupied and safely stores her bits and bobs is her Trunki. This is also fab as we find it keeps her occupied makes flying easier and lost suitcases, less traumatic! I talked about her Trunki a bit more in my Cassie Cat Trunki review when we went to Majorca last year. Actually I’ve a post in drafts on why every toddler needs a Trunki, so we’ll have to get B one soon too! We usually pack:

  • Blanket – H loves her thin fleecy Peppa Pig blanket and so it’s easy to pop in to keep her warm on the plane or she often likes it in hotels for home comforts
  • Spare clothes – we often pop a spare set of clothes for everyone in, and a swimming costume each in case or luggage gets delayed.
  • Buckle toy – again one from travelling with an 18 month old, but perfect for B at 15 months old. (buckle toys are available on Amazon and I am so tempted to get this butterfly backpack for B, but I used it as inspiration to make one for H when we went to Menorca)
  • A few toys, crayons, a colouring book
  • Books – H and B both love books, so a few books never go a miss.
  • A favourite cuddly/dolly – H has her doll and B, her bunny.

My hand luggage

    Passports & boarding passes
    Kindle – as above!
    Anti-bac hand gel
    Wet wipes
    Nappies & changing mat
    Snacks – I’ve got mini-cheddars, Kiddilicious veggie sticks, raisins, 4 fruit pouches for take off and landing (great for stopping ears hurting as much)

I’ve also packed a few little toys for B in a little zipped pouch – a duck, compass, wiggly worm.

Make life easier with kids

Nom Nom snack pouches 

Snack pouches which fold flat but great for snacks from Amazon (also reusable smoothie/yogurt pouches – also from Amazon)

Babble band monitor 

Compact watch style baby monitor fab for travelling and comes with a British and also a Europe plug! My Babble band review (Buy a Babble Band from Amazon)

Hooded towel 

Snug for after the pool, and look uber cute too!


We love this: naps and sun protection = a winner! (Buy a Snoozeshade from Amazon)

Littlelife reins backpack

      Means B is safe when she’s walking, and also near the pools. We also discovered with H, these are perfect for B to also carry her drink and some toys. Even at 15 months she’s so independent! Strangers have asked where her backpack is from – it’s this one if you’re interested –

Littlelife Butterfly backpack with reins


After having to buy a thermometer in Menorca, we always carry a spare in our sponge bag and usually take our ever faithful usual thermometer which we absolutely trust. Obviously our sponge bags contains teething essentials like Calpol and Nelsons plus paracetamol for us and a few plasters.

Things I always forget…

  • Pegs
  • Mini bottle of washing liquid
  • Mini bottle of Fairy liquid
  • Mosquito repellent! – this is an update! There are mozzies here in Ibiza and they appear to like ME!

I think that’s it, but I’ll add anything else I think of while we’re away…

Have a fab week folks! And, happy holidays if you’re reading this while packing for your holibobs!

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    October 4, 2018 at 9:16 pm

    Oh wow have an amazing time! I am definitely going to invest in some of those cubes for our next holiday…to America! Aargh! Needing ALL of the travel tips then and I’ll be revisiting every one of your posts and tips!
    Thanks for linking to #CoolMumClub

    • Reply
      October 4, 2018 at 9:25 pm

      Omg America! You’ll have to fill me in (it’s on our list for next year too 😄) x

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  • Reply
    October 11, 2018 at 12:01 pm

    I love this feeling of the upcoming trip. But I don’t like to pack my bags. Have a nice rest!

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