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Trunki review pink and purple Cassie Cat ride-on suitcase for holiday
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We were recently sent a brand new Cassie Cat Trunki for our holiday. Well, specifically for Toddler H. We absolutely love it and had lots of fun packing it for our recent holiday to Majorca.

A Trunki for Toddler H was on our must have list for holiday. She wants to be just like mummy and daddy. If we say we have x, y or z she asks where is hers! If also say if your child is two, a Trunki is definitely a must have to add to their Christmas or Birthday list.

So, why do we love our Trunki? Read on for our full Cassie Cat Trunki review…

Trunki Review…

I think with Trunki, I love the uniqueness, the personalisation options, the kid friendly design and the fact they keep bringing out new versions. Who doesn’t love a cute animal, have a favourite colour, or want their very own case just like mummy and daddy. Who knows a toddler who doesn’t want to be independent, to carry their own toys, to pack their own suitcase? Not me. This is exactly what Toddler H wanted to do on our recent holiday. Exactly. Without a doubt.

We were very kindly sent Cassie Cat, the brand new Trunki case. It’s purple, her favourite colour. It’s got pink ears, her second favourite colour. And, in her eyes, it’s a suitcase just like mummys’. WIN!

Each Trunki comes with a tow rope (OK, not quite a rope), a Trunki passport and stickers so you can personalise your Trunki. I love this, it’s so perfect for kiddies, most love stickers, and this way their Trunki is very much theirs, after all no child could stick all their stickers in the same places could they?

We haven’t yet given Toddler H her Trunki stickers to personalise her Trunki, we’re saving them for a huge tantrum. Potentially when utter boredom hits in at the airport on the way home. Or maybe they’ll even be stashed away safe for our next trip with Cassie the Cat.

We’re currently on our holidays in Majorca, and we were thrilled to see that Thomas Cook Airlines allow Trunkis as hand luggage even though I think they are bigger than a normal hand luggage allowance – it actually specifies Trunki. I had seen cheap knockoff Trunki’s in Morrisons this summer, but didn’t want to risk it not being as good, and after all, the original is usually the best, isn’t it.

The RRP for a Cassie Cat Trunki is £39.99, which might seem steep, but when you consider that Trunki’s are a toy to play on in the airport queues, a seat to be towed along on and a place to store little one’s toys and home comforts, it really is worth it.

 A Trunki has an 18 litre capacity, so does hold quite a lot. We packed all of the must haves that I listed in my tips for flying with a toddler post, from when we went to Menorca when H was 18 months old. Trunki’s seem very resiliant and obviously last, I have seens them pop up on local selling pages, so it’s not a one time toy.

The suitcase seems very well thought out, with the little details, like ears to hold onto, but also the ‘suitcase’ aspects too. I thought the catches on the side are quite secure (I found them quite stiff, so perfect that little on can’t open it herself all the time.

Inside, the Trunki the has an elasticated luggage strap to keep things from falling out everywhere, and a little elasticated pocket as well. We took Toddler H’s Peppa Pig blanket as a surprise and so she could snuggle up with it on the plane if she was cold or tired. It was a brilliant surprise for her when we arrived at our hotel. It never would have fitted in a different style of toddler bag, and definitely would not have fitted in my hand luggage.

I love that Trunki continually bring out new designs. Cassie Cat is brand new – lilac in colour with a turquoise collar and pink and turquoise wheels. I had initially wanted to surprise her with a Una the Unicorn Trunki, however apparently, purple trumped unicorns! Which would your little one choose?

Trunki suitcases can be purchased directly from Trunki or from other shops such as Amazon* 

Trunki – 100% recommended!  


Disclaimer: we were sent the Cassie Cat Trunki for the purposes of this review. I am a member of Amazon Affiliates and so if you click and make a purchase I may receive a few pennies at no extra cost to you. 



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