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Hi everyone. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I felt my covid diary was a bit samey. Times are so weird right now and when I’m trying to be positive and keep the girls going, tidy up when I get three seconds, and also maybe do some writing, and now running it’s hard. Obviously it’s all important, looking after our family and us but we also need to be kind to ourselves and eachother. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m quite often harping on about finding the positives each day and have rediscovered running (well, couch to 5k), to get some me time and a breather. It really makes all the difference if you haven’t tried it. Even just a walk. Being kind to yourself and giving you 20 minutes to breath does make a difference.

I should clarify, when I say run, I run for 90 seconds and then walk for 1 minute… but it’s what I can manage and makes a massive difference to my head.

Anyway, today I’m talking about being positive, helping others and being kind, because in this pandemic that is exactly what we need to be; being kind and helping eachother through. It is our way to ensure those who need to shield, can do and don’t have to brave the shops. Our way to make sure our neighbours see someone, a friendly word from a safe 2+m away would make their day. And, for those futher away sending some flowers and a card, just to say hi. Just as a surprise… or a late extra birthday present.

I sent my mum flowers a few weeks ago and it made her day. Probably her week. Maybe month! They are nearly 70 and are self-isolating 700 miles away, we’ve no idea at all when we will see them again. All plans are out the window. But little efforts keep everyone going and I still smile hearing my mum’s joy and tears at the surprise flowers she received.

So fast forward to now, and Moonpig have very kindly gifted us some flowers to send as surprises… aren’t they gorgeous?

Moonpig let happiness bloom be kind to family and friends think of them in difficult times in lockdown
Photo by New Mummy Blog’s wee sister in lockdown 1.5 hours away

The joy we could hear down the phone when they called saying thanking us, just like with my mum, brought tears to my eyes. They were so surprised and loved their surprise gifts. There really is joy in giving!

Moonpig also sent me a gorgeous Orchid which we were all so excited to receive and see what joy was inside. I can’t wait to see it flower!

So, if you can, why not send someone a bunch of flowers, your parents, your neighbour, your sister who is isolating themselves. A friend who is having a hard time. But, importantly do remember to check in with phone calls, or send a card, get the kids to draw some pictures because you don’t know what position anyone really is in, or how hard they are finding this beneath the surface or the Facebook posts.

I guess even if you can get to the shops, you could pick up a surprise for someone?

Moonpig are doing a lovely campaign called ‘Let Happiness Bloom’ campaign which is all about spreading love through acts of kindness. Something we definitely need more of during these times and even though we can’t see each other, a message through the post goes a long way! Flowers, in particular, are said to brighten a room and your mood, their scent lowers stress symptoms by oxygenating the air they make us feel our best self.

#MPMoments and #LetHappinessBloom

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