Visiting Cotswold Lavender  and social distancing – June 2020 Review

Cheltenham, Days Out
Cotswold Lavender fields family day out social distancing safe Worcestershire near Cheltenham June 2020
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Today we went on our first day out since lockdown started easing, to see the gorgeous lavender fields at Cotswold Lavender. These are the nearest lavender fields to where we stay in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and are located around 40 minutes drive away near Broadway, Evesham in Worcestershire. The lavender fields are seasonal and Cotswold Lavender opened this year last Monday – 22nd June, and will be open until the end of July. We have visited in previous years and so knew it is a spacious outdoor area that should have lots of space for easy social distancing. We do love a local day out so this really was great to ease our anxieties and give us a bit of normality, or at least ease us in gently to the new normal – we haven’t been to any shops during lockdown.

I was very anxious about going on a day out as I’ve loved our safe bubble. In fact I hadn’t really contemplated it, this was a spur of the moment decision on a rainy, cloudy day as we hoped it would be quieter. I’m so glad we went, Cotswold Lavender’s gorgeous lavender fields are absolutely stunning and we had a lovely time. People flock there to take the most amazing pictures every year but it’s also a lovely relaxing fun family day out.

You can watch our day out or read about it below…

🎥 Watch our Cotswold Lavender day out video on YouTube 🎥

Our social distancing visit to Cotswold Lavender – June 2020

The car park was busier than we expected, but it actually turned out not to be busy at all. I did get a bit more anxious as several cars turned up as we were getting out of the car, but it was fine. Once I snapped “if we don’t go now, I’m driving us home” the girls moved quicker and I felt less of an urge to jump back to the safety of the car. This really was the most people we had seen in months.

The entrance to the lavender fields is near where you drive in and we straight away saw signs telling us to stay 2m apart, but to be honest there was only one group in front of us.

Entering Cotswold Lavender Farm prices visiting June 2020

Payment was by card only and the payment shed also had hand sanitiser if you wanted to use it. We had our own so didn’t.

The fields were just gorgeous, full of different lavenders, and H straight away spotted Peter Pan lavender, which made her day.

As you can see there were other people but there is so much room to avoid others it wasn’t an issue. Bar one family asking us to take their photo, everyone was fantastic at social distancing. Even kids.

The girls ran, jumped, leapt, chased, and just had a ball. Total carefree fun. The ran more than they have in months. Their smiles reached their eyes. They jumped and laughed, ran through the lavender fields, and of course then got hangry. All to be expected, and exactly why we took drinks and snacks.  We walked taking photos and admiring the view as we ate and drank, as we were happy to keep going and not sit down. There were lots of picnic benches located throughout the field with huge gaps between then, and we saw a few people with their own picnic blankets and even camping chairs too.

Girls running though new lavender at Cotswold Lavender Farm, Broadway, Evesham, Worcestershire

If you love the lavender fields you will also love the Confetti Flower Fields (and sunflowers) which are also in Worcestershire, at Wick, near Pershore – visiting the Confetti Field at Wick (open ~1 week per year – we visited in August 2020).

The nitty gritty of visiting Cotswold Lavender Farm…

Cost: adults £4, children 5+ £2, children under 5 – free.

Opening times: 10am – 5pm everyday (though do check with their Cotswold Lavender website/ Facebook page etc.).


Hill Barn Farm Cottage, Snowshill, WR12 7JY


Picnic benches were located throughout the field all very distanced, much more than 2m apart. Although I’m not sure how and when they are cleaned. But we had crisps and drinks as we walked, so didn’t see it as an issue.


The takeaway shed was open serving drinks and ice creams from the shed window. I forgot to take a photo of their menu, but I did notice a coffee was £1.90 and tea around £1.50 I think –  don’t quote me on those though!

I’m not sure if they were serving any food. But will try to find out and update this post.

The shop is currently closed, but they are selling a few products from the shed in the field, such as their Cotswold Lavender hand sanitiser.


Yes, there are toilets at Cotswold Lavender!

Located between the car park and paying shed there were around 8 portaloos. We didn’t use them, so can’t comment on cleanliness, but they do have them.

Review verdict: Cotswold Lavender fields, Snowshill, Broadway.

Cotswold Lavender did not disappoint, we had a relaxed fun afternoon, and got to take some stunning family photos and lavender photos. If, like us, you’re local to Gloucestershire or Worcestershire, and wondering where to go on a socially distanced day out to ease your anxieties, I would recommend Cotswold Lavender. I’ll pop a video on my YouTube tomorrow so you can see just how much room there is, and how easy it is to social distance, and even keep the kids distanced. We will be back next year, or maybe even later in the summer (they are open to the end of July).

This really helped us find this new normal, but also reassured us that others do understand, despite the scenes we are seeing all over the news.

*** Photos from our previous visit to Cotswold Lavender in August 2017 ***

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