Drinking more water with an Ion8 slim bottle

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Pretty much since Christmas I was getting headache after headache. Just like with lunch, I always made sure the girls had drinks, but not always me. I’d get to the end of the day with a headache niggling away, and wake up in the night gasping for a drink, drinking 2 pints of water through the night.

I KNEW I had to drink more water, something I was really good at when working, but useless at as a stay at home mum/mummy of maternity leave, I just really struggled to actually do it.

I was sent a press release about this water bottle, the ION8 water bottle, which comes in several sizes from a kids perfect 350ml Pod, an Ultimate Ion8, a ‘slim’ version holding a perfect 500ml and a huge 1l version too. There is also a ‘cycle bottle too’. They come in loads of colours, I also love the Rose Quartz one! Toddler H and I have both been sent one to try and after a few weeks of use I can tell you they haven’t leaked once. They’re super easy to use. They even have a lock on them to make sure they are secure. They DO open one handed. Mummy essential wise, they clean really easily too, with no filters, just a hole so no nasties can lurk inside.

Why do I love our Ion8 bottles?

Since they arrived I’ve carried my slim Ion8 bottle most places with me. H has used hers almost daily too. I’ve not had a single headache since, and must say I do think my skin is better too. I’ve far less spots not waking gasping for a drink means I only wake when B wakes for a feed. Which. Is. Awesome. On rare occasions she even sleeps through. Even more AWESOME.

I have three favourite things I love about the ion8, which make drinking water with the ion8 even better:

1️⃣ – it actually fits in the car cup holders,

2️⃣ – it means H can be a #minime #matchingmummyanddaughter

3️⃣ – it’s super versatile and can take hot drinks too!! ☕️

It does say it might be hot to touch, and technically can take a drink from -10C to 96C! Which is impressive.

You all know how I love my tea and coffee 😁

It’s also BPA free, soft touch, has a carry strap and a secure lid which is easy to use with one hand.

This totally gets 100% in the New Mummy Blog recommended stakes. 💯✔️

Disclaimer: we were sent the Ion8 Pod and Ion8 Slim for the purposes of this review, but don’t worry, as always all opinions are our own!

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