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I currently 38 weeks pregnant. It’s a heatwave, albeit one that happens most years at the end of May. I’ve been awake since 4am uncomfy, mostly due to the heat. My app says its 91% humidity right now. Baby has decided to stretch out (to take full advantage if the fan?) and has her bum just above my tummy button, but her legs which are usually sticking out my side are wedged under my ribs. Every so often she has a stretch. I don’t think that’s helping me get back to sleep.

It’s now 5.30am, I’ve still not slept since 4am and baby’s legs are still stretching. I’ve just realised the Braxton Hicks I’ve been waking with until 4am seem to have stopped. That’s been the most frustrating thing these last two weeks, Braxton Hicks and contractions that last hours and hours and and hours, then stop. I’m ready for baby, I’ve always been pysycologically prepared for her to arrive from 38 weeks as I went into labour with Toddler H at 38+6, some instinct told me this baby would be earlier, or similar. Perhaps measuring plus 6 days at our 20 week scan also made that thought seem plausible. Now I’m very near 39 weeks I wonder what today’s growth scan will show. Similar? It’s our first scan since 20 weeks, we have absolutely no idea. Baby’s head was engaged at my last midwife appointment, and I measured the same as I did two weeks ago. To me that is because baby’s head wasn’t as engaged then. On Friday, the midwife couldn’t feel any of baby’s head so she’s definitely right down. I feel ready and given most second babies supposedly don’t engage until labour I really do keep expecting things to kick off soon. My waddle is very waddly. It feels like baby bashes the chair with her head, her bum is now just above my tummy button. She loves a good wiggle but despite it all, is apparently quite happy where she is.

This heat is new for me. With Toddler H everything was 6 months different, she was born in November, it was cold, which meant I didn’t feel it. It was a nice time of year. This time, I’ve had cold after cold, bug after bug, and now the heat is hitting right at the end. We did go on holiday when I was pregnant with Toddler H and the heat and humidity were both incredibly high too, but, it was the second trimester it wasn’t anywhere as bad feeling as this.

So I’ll sit here with the fan on, drinking teabecause what else would I drink? I’m watered out, I’ve had 1.5 pints since 10.30pm. I’ll sit recording this moment as it’s the one time I can take stock of this pregnancy, remember these kicks and your sticky out bottom. How uncomfy it is when you stick your feet under my ribs for a good push. It’s flown by so fast, having a toddler, weeks merged into one, and suddenly we’re here and baby is full term. Could come any day, really. I take solace in the fact that the birth unit has Dyson Airblade fans and, if I do go into labour while it’s still hot and humid, I’ll be in a nice cool bubble there.

I also sit slightly in fear, I wonder what this growth scan will show. Will baby be measuring ok, Toddler H was born 7lb 8oz at bang on 39 weeks. All the midwives said “oooh she’s big for you!” and “it’s good she was a week early“… so baby if you’re listening I do hope you’re a nice size, no bigger than your big sister please, just right and perfect, and healthy. Please just tell us when you’re ready to come and meet us. We, and especially your big sister, are excited to meet you. I don’t mind a fast birth, just enough time to sort out your sister and get to the birth unit with a bit of spare time. Oh and it would be nice if you didn’t put mummy through too much if you can. At least they have those Dyson fans…  Humidity, if you’re listening please run away to somewhere else and stay away for a bit. I don ‘t think I like you very much.



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