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I’ve been scouring garden centres for the last few months scoping out plants and getting ideas for our new border around the patio. It’s a great activity with a toddler as she love looking at all the different flowers and it’s also a great (and free) activity for teaching colours!

Here is the relaid patio and the new wall which encloses it. 

Firstly the breeze block wall isn’t quite finished as it still has to be clad with decking boards.  

At present there are a few bulbs along with a rose, a red Acer tree and two evergreens. 


We plan to move one evergreen and grass the space it takes up, creating more lawn space. However, my plan is to have more evergreen plants spaced out around the patio, with bulbs, bulbs and more bulbs filling the rest of the space. I think we might add another rose too, but we’ll see how it looks as we go on. 

Plant thoughts…

We love the vibrancy of the red Acer tree that is currently in the border and so when I spotted them in Asda at only £8, I also bought a green Acer and a red/green one. 


Yes, I know, it’s probably not the best place to buy plants, but they were £8 and such a good size I couldn’t resist. After 6 weeks, the green one is still in it’s pot and thriving, the red, on the other hand, isn’t too happy. I think the soil in the border is too clayey. We’ll have to see if adding more compost and some plant food improves its condition. 


Evergreen border plant ideas…

Here are a few thoughts…

Year round colour…

I want greenery, but all round colour popping up and changing the feel. My plan is to pop bulbs into the bed as the year goes on, but also add in a few alpines too.  

I’m hoping for huge clumps of daffodils and tulips from January on, scattered with gorgeous purple Alliums and later in the year snowdrops by the bucket load. 


Next steps…

Once the fence is painted I’ll get started on the climbers for along the fence. 

Does anyone else hate a bare fence? Any recommendations for evergreen plants with gorgeous colour?

Lynne x 

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