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We were asked if Toddler H would like to try the Kidloland App, a toddler iPad app. We’ve only recently let Toddler H use my iPad and apps mostly sticking with the CBeebies ones (which are in another review). However, I must say this Kidloland app is brilliant, it’s huge, teaches untold skills you’d never know a 2 year old would be able to do. 


Kidloland App Review

The app, like most others just downloads from the Apple App Store it’s also available on Android too. 


It’s a very intuitive App. Toddler H worked it out straight away and now loves playing the ‘Twinkle Twinkle one’. 

The KidloLand app is designed for children aged 1-5 which I think is perfect, all of these games, nursery rhymes and skills are definitely appicable throughout this age range and will evolve throughout Toddler H’s time using the App. 


What does the App do?

So so so much!

I was reluctant to write a review until we’d used this app extensively as there is so much within it. It’s also a paid for app, so I really want to convey how wort it it is. I knew it was worth it straight away when I saw the main menu, there are so many games, songs and learning tools:  

  • nursery rhymes, 
  • songs,
  • phonics,
  • ABCD songs to learn the alphabet
  • drawing, 
  • letter writing (tracing), 
  • colouring, 
  • numbers, 
  • shapes, 
  • animals 
  • even bedtime stories!

I love how it is even teaching Toddler H how to write capital and lower case letters. 

It seriously includes more nursery rhymes than I could contemplate ever thinking of. There are also games, although H doesn’t play them as much, but they are fantastic. 


All those songs and stories, games and learning tools sit nicely within the opening screen. You then download sections as you wish. This is a great idea as it means Toddler H can play and play and play. She loves to sit and concentrates really hard, determined to complete a task, determined to learn that new skill. 


Toddler H’s Take:

This is the app Toddler H has asked for whenever she’s allowed iPad time. Ok, she does sometimes request “mummy iPad time” when she’s needing a good sit down (instead of a nap). 

I think these photos convey the app and why we love it… It’s well thought out and really brilliant for kids. 




Kidloland App is 100% recommended by Toddler H and I! 

Learning nursery rhymes, playing teaching games and learning numbers and letters as well as to write them at age 2 (2 years 4 months), is brilliant in my book. Yes we also do these things together and lots of drawing on paper, but it’s lovely to let her have her downtime with this App. She learns so much and everyone learns well when it comes from different sources. It also means she learns while having her much needed rest. 

Lynne x


Disclaimer: even though we were provided with a Kidloland app free of charge this review is honest and comprised of our opinions. 

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    May 3, 2017 at 12:49 pm

    My youngest loves to play with Granny’s ipad and at the moment we only have the Cbeebies app on there for her so this would be a great addition.
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x
    Colette recently posted…Dealing with the loss of our petMy Profile

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