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We were recently sent some fab ‘divider plates’ to try by Munchkin. They’re apple shaped and really brilliant for toddler meals. I was inspired to try then after we piled H’s plate up with lots of different foods while in holiday. She hated it. Some of the time we were away she hardly ate anything apart from peas, sweetcorn, peppers and bread (all by the bucket load so she wasn’t starving). We knew something was up especially when she started separating her food out. It made us realise she finds lots of different foods overwhelming and from then on we gave her a small plate and 3-4 foods, like we’d done at the start if the week before getting over-enthusiastic about all the foods she could try. She instantly ate them all, happy she could see them and know what she was eating. We won! We were ecstatic! It’s always the small things, isn’t it?

So on getting home we tried the Munchin divider plates. We love them and so does H. You’ll have noticed them popping up left right and centre in my Instagram feeds. 

If you’re thinking, ?5 is a lot for 3 plates or, we manage fine… Here are a few more reasons why these plates get my tick in the box:

  • Little ones can see everything they’re eating
  • It helps mummy provide different types of food in each section
  • They have nice vertical sides so it’s easy for little ones who are leaning to use cutlery – I’ve really not seen any food come over the side of these plates… Less mess = a major #mummywin!
  • Bright colours: they come in a pack of three, one red, one green and one yellow
  • It gives a good sense of potion control
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe – easy heating and cleaning, and having three makes life easier #mummywin
  • Little one loves to choose her plate for each meal, and because there us usually one in the dishwasher she’s not getting stuck on one colour. We do also keep the IKEA picnic plates in her cupboard so she sometimes even picks one of those, and if the meal suits I let her – I don’t want her getting stuck in any ruts! 

I’d definitely recommend these lil apple plates in my essential weaning post, and definitely for toddlers. It’s brilliant that she can clearly see what she eats and then always asks what each thing is. It also helps, that she can turn point to a specific section to ask for more, and I know exactly what she’d like. 

Look out for my toddler meal essentials post coming soon!! 
Lynne x

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