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I hope you will take a few minutes to read about virtual assistant and HR consultant Melanie from Do My Stuff …

I hope this ‘Mummy In Business’ series will showcase a mums who are starting out on their own with their own businesses or embarking on a new challenge for instance freelancing, and see what other mummy’s are up to and how they readjust their work life balances.


Interviewing Melanie from Do My Stuff

Business Name: Do My Stuff
Business Started: 2016
Website & Social Media links:


mummy in business - Melanie from Do My Stuff Virtual Assistant Swindon

1. Tell us about your business?

I am a freelance HR Qualified, Virtual Assistant. I focus on assisting mobile professionals, entrepreneurs and small/medium businesses that require the knowledge and skills of an experienced HR Consultant or Personal Assistant, but only want that assistance when it suits them.

I will carry out the tasks that business owners don’t have time (or want!) to do, so they can go and spend time doing the stuff that they love! This can include basic administration, booking travel, dealing with customer enquiries, diary management, social media management and HR consultancy.

One of the main advantages of using DoMyStuff is complete flexibility. I can work as many or few hours as required and only charge for the actual time worked. I can be used as a part time employee, for specific projects, or just to cover staff absences or peaks in business activity. By using DoMyStuff companies have no employee costs (NI contributions, holidays, sick pay, pension etc.) and by building a relationship and using me regularly I can provide continuity and a proactive partnership for their business.

Do My Stuff Virtual assistant interview on New Mummy Blog

2. Where do you deliver?

Although I am based in Swindon, due to the tools that I use I can work for businesses right across the UK or even Globally.


3. Price range?

My hourly rate starts at £20.00 and is dependent on tasks required.


4. Why did you decide to start your business?

After a successful start to my career in HR my life changed in an instant on the 10th of December 2014. That was the day that my wonderful daughter arrived into this world a whole three months early. A very tiny, very poorly, very beautiful little girl that completely rocked my world. Cue two years of spending every moment with her, being her Mother, her Carer and her Friend. Wrapping her in cotton wool, keeping her away from germs, and raising a relatively healthy and very happy two year old (that now goes to nursery!).
Then came the big dilemma.

Do I go back to my career in HR working all hours of the day OR do I continue what I started all of those years ago and have my own business that I love and spend more time with my Husband and Daughter? It was a no brainer really!

 New Mummy Blog interviews Melanie from Do My Stuff Virtual Assistant

5. What are your top tips to other mummy’s thinking about starting a business?

Have a niche or USP
It’s a very competitive business world, especially as people can quickly and easily search the internet and find many people offering the same product or service. Where possible it’s really important to know, and understand, your niche or Unique Selling Point. Then promote this, make people want to choose you over all of the others.

Plan and Keep a Diary
Building and maintaining a business alongside looking after a family can be challenging. I find that keeping a very concise diary with all business and personal appointments in the same place helps! Spend five minutes every night before you go to bed planning the next day, writing lists and jotting down thoughts, it’s surprising how much time that will save you when your attention is distracted by little ones! Tick off the tasks you complete and add anything outstanding onto tomorrows list.

Don’t spread yourself too thin
It can be easy when you start your new business to accept every opportunity or job that you are offered. If you are running a business alongside caring for your family it can be easy to then take on too much and put yourself under pressure. Take it slowly and when you feel that you have more capacity add another client or promote another special offer. Don’t try and do everything all at once.

Don’t Give Up!
I’m not going to lie, building a business whilst raising a family isn’t easy! There are times when I am outside in the garden talking to a client, with a little face smiling at me through the patio doors (a new client never wants to hear “Mummy Mummy” when you are trying to have a professional conversation)! My regular clients are happy for my little girl to sit on my knee whilst having a video Skype call!

It’s all about managing your time, planning and above all enjoying what you do! Take baby steps and never forget why you are doing what you are doing. It may take a little bit more time to build a client base, and you may work lots of evenings during your quiet time…. BUT it will all be worth it so don’t give up!

In the words of Richard Branson
“Starting your own business isn’t just a job – it’s a way of life”


Melanie has also interviewed in the Swindon Link magazine do check it out!


So lovely readers, I hope you’ve found this as helpful and empowering as me. I really this these are brilliant tips and ones that we can all find useful both.  Please take a few minutes to pop over to follow Melanie’s pages?

If you didn’t catch the previous #MummyInBusiness interviews with Jilly Mac pop over to her interview, and the second with Natalie from Mum In Brum here, Hayley from Mission:Mindfulness and Victoria from Baby Prints Cheltenham.

If you’re a mummy in business, please let me know (or download the questions here).

Lynne x


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