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The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - family lunch with games
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We were invited to the The Miller pub in Cheltenham to review their vegan dishes for #veganuary. Although we’re not vegan, and not specifically doing Veganuary, we are trying to eat healthier and eat less meat. I’m all for the ‘everything in moderation’ mentality and so we are always on the look out for meat-free dishes, and vegetarian inspiration as well as good local family friendly restaurants.

The Miller did not disappoint.

When I was asked to come along, I didn’t know where it was. But, that all made sense, when I realised it had only reopened in August (August 2018) under the new name and with a makeover.

Where is The Miller Pub in Cheltenham?

The Miller opened in August 2018 and is located on Bath Road, Cheltenham, next door to The Moon under Water (Weatherspoons), opposite all the estate agents, and a bit closer to the High Street than Prithvi, and the Cheltenham Playhouse (where we have reviewed shows).

Our visit

Fast forward a few days, and today the four of us, hubby, H, B and I ,visited for a late lunch. We were pleasantly surprised at the new exterior, which looked bright and welcoming. And even more surprised inside to discover games, booths with Super Nintendos, and other game consoles for diners to play while they eat and drink. Obviously designed for adults to enjoy, but kids love them too!

The girls got straight to playing the Nintendo in our booth, and somehow H knew exactly what to do, despite never playing anything like it before.

We ordered our food and while we waited for it the girls were very nicely occupied. There were also games for everyone to play…

The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - family lunch with games

Vegan dishes at The Miller Pub

We were all starving so we ordered Nachos to start. A vegan dish which was absolutely delicious. We’d thoroughly recommend it!

The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - family lunch with games

Then, hubby had the vegan Moving Mountains B12 Burger, a plant based meat-free burger with red pepper houmous, spinach, smoky soya and Biolife grated mature with skinny fries.

The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - family lunch with games

He said you’d never know it’s not meat! I tried it, and especially with all the toppings on the burger, you’d absolutely never know… the texture was fairly meaty and definitely not your typical bean burger or the likes. It was delicious.

The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - family lunch with games

I’ve googled Moving Mountains B12 Burger® and found some more info on it from their website…

“Delve into a guilt-free trip of indulgence with one Bite Into The Future™ – 100% plant 0% cow, with The Moving Mountains® Burger.

Watch it Sizzle in the pan just like an actual beef patty. It’s barely distinguishable!”

… it is “without any traces of cholesterol or nasty ingredients. The simple and main ingredients are a base of antioxidant-rich Coconut Oil which provides a fatty satisfying consistency, Beetroot Juice which allows a juicy ‘bleed’ at the centre of the patty, and Plant-Proteins and Mushrooms that provide a succulent texture akin to the bite of meat.

Loaded with Herbs, Spices and packed with Vitamin B12 for extra nutrients you’ll surely enjoy this juicy and tasty alternative to the British Beef Burger with all the benefits.”

I had the all day Vegan Breakfast which had three Quorn sausages, hash brown bars, button mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, baked beans, spinach and a slice of toast.

The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - family lunch with games - vegan breakfast

All delicious and I’d definitely have all, and any of it, again. The sausages looked like meat, but didn’t quite taste the same, but that isn’t a fault or negative, they were good!

The Miller Cheltenham - Vegan sausages

The Miller doesn’t have a children’s menu, but we were told they could do a children sized burger or mac and cheese.

Although they don’t have a Children’s menu they do say they welcome children, have plenty of room for big pushchairs and obviously has the games which children 4+ are probably very interested in!

The girls shared a vegan Moving Mountains B12 Burger with skinny fries and a vegetarian Mac and Cheese.

The Miller Cheltenham review - family lunch with games

The Mac and Cheese was vegetarian, not vegan, however the girls don’t usually like burgers, so we didn’t want to put all our eggs in one basket, so to speak and they absolutely love Mac and Cheese, would have devoured it every day at Disney if they could!

However, H absolutely loved the burger, and much to hubby’s disappointment ate it all, apart from the bit he sneaked which B had partly eaten (typical parents, eh!).

It was quite big for a kids burger – here it is compared to hubby’s burger!

The Miller Cheltenham vegan food review - Moving Mountain burger

The Mac and Cheese was delicious, and I’d thoroughly recommend it too. It was definitely B’s favourite, and all of us would definitely choose it in future. It was huge too!


There was one vegan dessert on then menu, but on ordering we had the super bad timing, of it being sold out. So we tried the chocolate fudge cake instead, which was vegetarian. We shared two between the four of us…

The Miller Cheltenham review - family lunch with games

It was delicious, and the girls, absolutely loved the ice-cream, which they’d been asking for since they finished their main courses.

The Miller Vegan food verdict

We we had a lovely meal, the food was delicious and we were very very surprised at just how delicious vegan food is… particularly the vegan ‘cheese’, vegan burgers and the nachos as a dish – we’ll definitely be trying to make these our self at home.

The Miller pub verdict

I had to write a separate verdict on the pub in general, as it’s such a different place to anywhere we’ve been before. The games consoles made it so child-friendly, and I’d definitely recommend sitting in a booth at the back so the kids can play as you wait for your food.

The Miller Cheltenham review family friendly pub

A pub or restaurant which keeps the kids occupied is a sure fire winner in our book. We’re only just home and the girls are asking when we can go back to the game restaurant!

The staff were helpful and friendly, the toilets clean and the pub spacious and clean. I’d definitely go back, and recommend it.

P.S. I didn’t notice highchairs, or disabled/baby change facilities, but will double check with them, and update this review.

P.P.S. Our meal was complimentary but all opinions are our own!

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