Threenager is a whole new ball game.. but has it’s cute moments too

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It’s funny how now it’s spring the world is full of colour. From delicate flowers, the brightness and cheeriness and the promise of upcoming holidays it’s just a hopeful time of year. I love the oranges of autumn, the crunch of the leaves, but the cheeriness of spring and the longer days are oh so welcome.

Spring blossom appearing in Montpellier park Cheltenham bringing cheeriness and brightness and outside time during threenager moments

The change from winter gloominess to the brightness and hope of spring is just like H’s mood recently, and to be fair mine as a result. It feels like I’m always on edge just waiting for the next #threenager moment.

These last few weeks she also hasn’t stopped eating, two lunches and two dinners, so I’m hopeful that the ‘spring’ in her development might be around the next corner. We all know #hangry kids are the worst! Tired kids are a whole crazy ball game on a knife edge.

So threenager is in full flow, as the lovely lady in Primark will attest to. The number of times I’ve sworn I’m only shopping on playschool days or WILL do online shopping is ridiculous. Ridiculous. The times I’ve ran from the house bundling the kids in the car to go somewhere outside, anywhere. Although threenager is a horrid time to be in a supermarket, it’s also so so testing to be at home all day. I could probably count on one hand the number of ‘let’s stay at home days’ which have ended that way! They only work in the best weather when we’re in the garden all day.

Sisters eating dinner in the garden in the April heatwave, sisterly love and not theeenager moments outside

Threenager is definitely worse than the terrible twos. Worse? At times it borders on curl up in a ball and cry. Obviously it’s not all bad, she’s so sensitive, so caring and so so happy at times too. A chalk and cheese personality where the slightest thing can be devastating. We have lovely moments, we had a week where she just wanted to make me breakfast in bed, our let’s talk about our day with a drink and snack routine. These are lovely moments I want to cherish. The threenager stuff can go and stuff itself in the boot of my car and go to the dump with all of the stuff (aka mountains of baby clothes) we’ve piled in the spare room and just can’t seem to sell.

Threenager is hard, and definitely worse than the terrible twos. I say all that but H is just the sweetest, she’s so sensitive, so concerned if we say ouch. Obsessed with giving us plasters or playing doctor to fix us. She does cry if she think a she’s caused us to hurt ourselves, even just the slightest thing, and likewise when she’s told off. You know, things like trying to pick up her sister. To be fair to her B is usually smiling and giggling as she does it, so I can see why she thinks it’s fine. They’re having so much fun together.

H is also so so protective of B, so eager that B be the same as us, helping give her food, laying the table in the evening, getting us all biscuits in a tub, one each.

We’re not the only ones with this problem are we???

Mummy cuddles on a walk when constantly tired at 3.5 years old

I might have had to carry her down the hill on our last walk, and yes, she was almost asleep. So yes, threenager is full on and testing, pushing us to our limits, but really, its only because she has so much going on in that little head of hers. So much is new, so many whys and how’s. So much curiosity, it must be hard to keep track. I do wonder if these are the questions she’s asking, what on earth are her thought processes? What is she wondering and thinking but not saying out loud? So, yes, it’s moments like these cuddles that make it worth it. Just a little girl needing her mummy. Maybe that’s all threenager is, a cry for help, confusion and so many thoughts and wonders… and an ever hungry stomach!

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