Thursday Crafts Night #craftnight

I love crafting, making things, bunting, cards, sewing pouches for this and that, you name it I’ve thought about it or tried it. I went through a stage of getting REALLY into card making, then as part of my ‘prepare for baby’s birth’ I started crocheting a blanket…. and,?I never finished it. It’s bugged me for the last almost-15-months.

Recently I’ve seen photos pop up on my Facebook timeline of a lovely friend’s crocheting each week, and it’s niggling me even more. I love blogging, reading, commenting, the community and I don’t want to miss out; but, I need to turn off, I need to craft.

This is what was running through my head at 3am last week, at the end of February. That’s when I thought, why not have a night I dedicate to crafting, like my friend does… but, as I doubt getting some friends together to do it would work, I’ll get my Twitter friend’s involved! We can inspire each other and do it as a community.

Weekly Twitter/Instagram Party

If you’d like to join in, it’s easy…

On a Thursday or Friday (or other night if it suits you) ….?

  • Tweet me @newmummyblog and use the #craftnight and I’ll RT your posts
  • Or, on Instagram, tag me @newmummyblog and #craftnight and I’ll like and comment on your pictures



  • Once a month I’ll run a linky so you can link up your crafting and we can all share eachother’s achievements and inspire new projects.
  • The linky will open the last day of every month for 1 week (so 30/31st-6th of each month). I will comment on all of these, and ask you comment on some too.


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What if I’m busy on Thursday’s or just craft on another night?

If you happen to do your crafting another night and Thursday isn’t suitable, still message me as I’ll definitely RT /comment on them all. I really think this is just about getting people making.


What about a blog post?

You don’t have to write a blog post, but can if you want, I’m might do a picture with a quick sentence in my progress… but I won’t be hosting weekly linkys or expecting anyone to comment on posts. You could just include it in your weekly round up.

I’m going to use this as an incentive to have a night off from blogging, so I may not RT or comment until Friday.


What if it all goes wrong?

Please share the ooooops moments too, the I sewed this the wrong way, I lovingly spent an hour making a card on the wrong side of the fold…, I had to undo all my knitting moments too, because, we’re all learning, and can really do with all the tips we can get!!


Badge for linkys and posts:

If you do write a post I’d love it if you could tag me ( or just pop my badge into your post… 🙂


New Mummy Blog


What do you think? Will anyone join me??Or, will I actually have to round up a few non-blogging friends to get together each week?

Lynne x

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