19 months old – buggy tantrums, Peppa Pig & biting!l

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It’s been a long time since I properly wrote about the girls, to be honest we’ve been so busy I’ve just not felt like writing and aiming to put my phone down much more. Well, apparently I woke up inspired!

Terrible twos and determination

B is now 19 months old and making us laugh and smile every day. We’re seeing glimpses of the terrible twos and she sure can throw a tantrum! Tears streaming and just devastated about the smallest of things. We look in wonder, wondering how she says so much and how she can do pretty much anything she decides she wants to. She’s incredibly determined, pretty much the only thing she can’t do is open the fridge to get the cheese or yogurt, her favourite snacks. I lie, chocolate is her favourite snack, and yes, she can say it “choc-chat, choc-chat, choc-chat”. H hadn’t even tasted chocolate at that age never mind been able to chant it! I blame Christmas, however, I’m sure she was saying it a bit before Christmas chocolates appeared. It was also the first year we let H have a chocolate advent calendar, and of course B had to have one too, otherwise it would have been a huge argument every day.

Parents of one child reading this I’m sure you’re gobsmacked, thinking you’re giving your child too much chocolate she doesn’t k now the difference, how big a tantrum can she throw she’s only a baby, only 19 months. To you I say, “keep your baby tiny” I did with H, and I did think similar to you, but second children are different all they see is what their big brother or sister has and they don’t understand. Unfortunately all my second child has wanted to do is copy her big sister and be the same as her.

Testing limits 

H has long hair, and B knows exactly how to pull it, and pinch her and screech, and yes, even bite when she’s frustrated (we think).

That’s about the only naughty things she does, but she’s started saying no, no, no-ing with a really grumpy determined face, sometimes throwing in some foot stamping too. It’s hilarious! More so last week when she opened the bathroom door while I was on the toilet, said in a semi-shout “no, no, NO, mummy” with a strap of the foot on the third no, and then shut the door on me and walked away. I was sat wided eyed thinking what on earth, then I started laughing. I’ve still no idea what I’d done wrong, she’d been sat playing before that and was afterwards. Maybe I’m not allowed to go to the toilet? Quite possible given I mostly leave the door ajar as they’ll just come in anyway. Perhaps I’m not supposed to shut the door then? Or maybe I have to ask and say pretty please with a cherry on top. Not a clue! It hasn’t happened since.

Peppa Pig & hobbies 

B is totally and utterly obsessed with Peppa Pig, loves Waffle Dog (he’s currently had to go on holiday as we couldn’t take any more of that weird psychedelic family on the TV), and even Ben and Holly is striking a chord with her.

She’s just started wanting to draw most days, sitting at the table so happy and coming to show me while I sip a hot cup of tea. I can see flashes of the future, picture perfect afternoons where the three of us spend afternoons at the dining table crafting and drawing together. Oh and yes, sometimes tea is being drunk hot again! Mostly not, but sometimes.

Stickers are a huge hit too – I’ve just ordered these for the girls I’m hoping they’ll be great when we’re out and about. I did traipse to Sainsburys as they used to sell them but they don’t seem to anymore since they removed tonnes of aisles to fit Argos in. I was a bit grumpy after that and glad a friend messaged suggesting coffee! I’m mean of all the things why did they have to remove all the kids stationary/colouring/drawing they were brilliant for stocking? Typical! Anyway as usual it was Amazon to the rescue. I’m so glad we have Prime, it also has B’s favourite Peppa Pig Movie on it – it’s an absolute must for any one year old (plus) as they can sing and dance along too, and keeps them nicely chilled out for an hour when they’re shattered after a day out.

Play Doh is a huge hit too, as are H’s Sylvanian Families and Barbies. We used some of her Christmas money to buy her her own little Asda barbie with its own car. She still plays with H’s but at least when H doesn’t want to share every single time B’s happy to play with hers. We do watch her closely with all the small bits and bobs!

B also loves the toy pushchair and strapping herself in, she’s in that buckles phase so the buckle toy I made H is a huge hit, and also in a “my do it” phase. Luckily she, touch wood, tries for 3 seconds with the car seat and then hands me the buckle, and cutely claps and says “my did it” when it’s clipped in. She really is as cute as a button!

Strapped in tantrums 

On the note of pushchairs that’s a no go. She definitely WILL NOT go in unless she’s super tired and knows it, or it’s lunch time and she can eat her lunch in there. Pushchair wars are not fun! The folding Micro Trike is amazing at the moment, as is her scooter but I won’t be taking her scooter on the playschool run again, we’re not ready for that! She’s quite dangerous pushing out of the straps in the pushchair and standing, not a phase I like either.

Bizarrely she did want to get in a friend’s GB Pocket pushchair, as her friend is a year older. We’re toying with getting one ourselves anyway for our trip to Disney, it’ll make the plane journey easier, especially with waiting at customs, also we don’t really want to be pushing a pushchair around all the time if she mostly walks. I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve used the pushchair in the last couple of months. Although, I have found that if she falls asleep in the car I can transfer her to the pushchair and then she can sleep in the hall, as I just can’t get from the car to her bedroom without her waking and being a very grumpy girl refusing to sleep any more.


Well there isn’t much she doesn’t try to say, we’re in that stage of new words every day and if she isn’t close on the sounds, the tonation is often right so we can guess. Cheese, chocchat, Peppa Pig hughhh (snort sound), waffle dog, mummy cuddle, yes, no, daddy bye bye work, see you, my barber car…. she’s so funny.

Sleep wars 

Well until this week she’s loved daddy taking her to bed. Demanding to read some Peppa Pig books her Aunty bought her for Christmas before falling asleep. Those books are amazing and she absolutely carries at least one with her everywhere. She’s a little bookworm like her sister. Often just the suggestion of a Peppa book will bring her out of a tantrum. I’ll definitely ride that high while I can, at some point it definitely won’t work!

However, this week her sleep has been appalling. She’s refusing to go to bed, just can’t settle and really up til 9 most nights. She’s actually napping in the day for a really good nap, something she barely was doing.  Even over Christmas she only napped once or twice in the 10 days hubby was off. I can see scooting at Westonbirt and such days out becoming regulars every weekend just get her to have a nap!

I did a bit of googling and read the Wonder Weeks book and discovered that there is a leap at 20 months. Toddler tantrums and curiosity, string two or three words together and categorising objects but type and colour are a few of the things she’s mastering or figuring out.

20 month development leap

I’d recommend the Wonder Weeks book as it’s fantastic to read, and also great for suggesting new ways to entertain little non stop toddlers.

This article also described B to a tee – absolutely spot on including things I hadn’t twigged, such as her will to walk up and down the stairs instead of bumping.

Well, that’s all I can write for now, I need to get back to playing blocks apparently… and it looks like Peppa Pig is walking on them!

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    Anita Faulkner - Brazen Mummy Writes
    February 2, 2019 at 6:57 pm

    Ooh, our little one is 14 months, so it’s interesting to read what awaits us! Not looking forward to these tantrums. Hey, looks like we live in the same county, btw. (Honestly, I’m not a stalker!)

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