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We were recently sent a massive box of Toy Story 4 toys for the girls from shopDisney, and I couldn’t believe how awesome they were. The toys have been gifted for this post, but all opinions and thoughts are our own. I didn’t let the girls open the box but since then I’ve been hiding their new toys around the house for them to find after we watch a film. It’s been brilliant watching them get excited and wonder where they came from. Did they come out of the TV? Did the come from Disney World? Did they fly back on the plane with us hiding in our suitcases? At one point H exclaimed “Santa brought my Woody!”

Like so many of us parents, I remember seeing the first Toy Story film in the cinema, and each subsequent one with various friends at different stages in my life. So I’m thrilled that for Toy Story 4 I’ll be able to see it with my girls, the four of us together. We have owned the first 3 films for a year or so and watch them quite regularly, however since our Disney World holiday in March we’ve been watching them more. Slinky Dog ride and Toy Story Mania really had a huge impact on the girls, and to be honest next time we venture across the Atlantic it will be that Slinky Dog ride at Hollywood Studios which we Fastpass first!

Back to this amazing box of Toy Story 4 toys…

Our own Toy Story 4 toy hunt…

Having so kindly been sent these wonderful gifts by shopDisney, I wanted to do them justice while not spoiling the girls. So having a toy appear once in a while after watching the film or having a conversation about how the toys come alive seemed like a great idea. I wanted them to really appreciate them and play with them.

shopDisney asked us to set up our own Toy Story 4 “Lost Toy Hunt”

Our first Toys came to stay after we watched the first Toy Story film. I said to the girls I could see something outside and they were eager to come and investigate.

The alien voice changer was a huge hit, as the video shows.

And B loves her Woody hat…

But the holster is a bit big for both of them… And H is very adamant, like many four year old girls that she doesn’t like guns. A good thing I guess!

Then a while later after watching Toy Story 2 they found new toys outside their bedroom doors – Strawberry smelling and Bo Peep. H was so excited to have Bo Peep, I really hadn’t appreciated how she had become so attached to her, definitely favouring her over Woody, who she’d found hiding behind the sofa cushion one day after preschool. B found Buzz Lightyear lurking behind a cushion too.

They’re fantastic figures as they talk: Buzz through pressing buttons – perfect for 2 year old B, Woody through pulling a string on his back and Bo Peep by pressing a button between her shoulder blades. Buzz also lights up and is much more ‘action figure-y’. They’re only £25 too!

Not only do they talk but they interact with eachother, detecting if another toy is around. Such a brilliant and unique feature, hubby and I definitely have spent some time playing with them too once the girls have been safely asleep in bed!

We also received the Deluxe figures set and colouring set too – perfect for both girls. H’s imagination is amazing and B is really developing a love of colouring.

Toy Story dreams

Having new toys appearing in the house has even really fun. H told me how she’d had ‘Toy Story’ dreams! I love how she’s at that age where she makes up her dreams and you can see the cogs turning as she follows her story on and on. It’s so cute!

We really enjoyed our toy hunt and finding toys which will last, and be played with and kept. Of course we’re now even more excited about Toy Story 4, our only issue is that H doesn’t understand why she can’t watch it yet if there is a poster about it and we know it’s there!

Disclaimer: a huge thank you to shopDisney for this collaboration and our new toys. All opinions and thoughts are our own.

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