Rainbocorns Series 2… Global Hatching Day -what’s inside?

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We were very kindly sent two new Zuru Rainbocorns in honour of Rainbocorns Series 2 Global Hatching Day, today (28th June 2019). That day, is today! So when our rainbocorns arrived, the girls had a sneak peak, but then they had to live back in their box so they could feel safe. Ready to hatch when they were supposed to. Well, apart from a few quick checks, the rainbocorns did sit undisturbed until I popped them on the dining room table to wait for the the girls this morning.

I had set the scene last night, telling them it must be getting close to hatching time, and obviously at just the mere mention of them, they got excited.

So this morning, all eager they discovered them waiting, and immediately I was bombarded with jumping girls with the hugest smiles shouting “can we open them” – of course they could. Not just so I could still recover from the early wake up (especially bad as we’ve been watching Chernobyl – addicted, we sure are!)!

I could show you photos, but the wee video I took of hem opening their Zuru Rainbocorns as it’s always more exciting to watch than just see a few pictures!

Rainbocorn Series 2 Global Hatching Day 2019

Zuru Rainbocorns Series 2 are available at Smyths Toys and Argos. We were sent ours for the purpose of publicity and this blog post on Global Hatching Day, however all thoughts and opinions are our own…

The Series 2 scented Rainbocorn collection cost £24.99 RRP and excitingly include 13 characters to collect including Llamacorn, Flamingocorn, Pandacorn, Lioncorn, Owlcorn, and all-new Unicorn. There is also a rare golden Flamingocorn!

We were also sent a smaller Rainbocorn Sparkle Hearts, (the pink egg), which is what we opened first in the video, just keeping us all in suspense for the brand new scented Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise!

The larger Rainbocorn is a brand new Series 2 Sequin Surprise, with the sequin heart such a special addition to a ‘normal’ cuddly toy! We love sequins, well H absolutely loves anything that sparkles citing, “I love all the colours of the rainbow, and sparkles” when asked her favourite colour! Luckily for her, her rainbocorn, is called Poppy and is every colour of the rainbow!

Inside the Rainbocorn Sequin Surprise we found a super cute and cuddly scented Rainbocorn, and in a true surprise to us, we could put the sequin heart from the egg into it’s tummy. The sequins are reverisable so it’s just so much fun for a 4 year old, to see what the sequins reveal. She loves the sequin tops like this, so having a toy that does it is just AMAZING! Interestingly the heart also has a clip on the back so it can be used in other ways too!

Inside she also found stickers, a teeny tiny Boo-boocorn hidden in his own mini egg, a bracelet and Rainbocorn poo!

The smaller egg, the pink one in our video, is a Rainbocorn Sparkle Hearts and it had a cute Rainbocorn which you had to remove the sticker to reveal the cute picture on it’s tummy, Rainbocorn poo, and a Boo-boocorn as well.

Zuru Rainbocorns Series 2 review verdict…

Well what can I say, other than, H receiving a unicorn in her favourite colours, with sparkly wings and horn, just made her squeal so much! Surprisingly she absolutely loved the suspense of having to wait until Global Hatching Day, and every second of finding out what was inside. I must say I do think the teeny time Boo-boocorns are super cute! They’ll definitely be making it into our out and about toy bags, and long car journey toy bags too.

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