Happy list – 2017, family, friends, and a new play area 

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Happy List - 2017, family, friends, non-alcoholic wine
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I feel like life is currently flying by, the weeks are fast, and all of a sudden it’s Friday again. I’m sure many of you also feel this way. As I’m now pregnant with Baby #2, I don’t want to forget this precious time with Toddler H so I’m aiming to keep a happy list every week to remember our lovely moments each week.

Last year, I really wasn’t prepared for the reality of hubby returning to work, but this year has worked out much better.


What did we enjoy this week?

1. The reality

We had a fab Christmas and really felt the impact of hubby going back to work, but the whole H was really good. Yes she’s a bit demanding, still requesting chocolate coins, and being a monkey, but a little threat of “that’s daddies” seems to make her immediately put it down, or “daddy will do it after work” will sometimes keeps her placated. Looking back I think I kept her occupied and on the go making the week easier for both of us. What a relief for a week I was beginning to dread!

2. Friends have been amazing this week

It’s such a hard week for everyone after the holidays, the excitement, no routine and daddy returning to work. We’ve had a play date at out house, coffee out, a visit to a new play area and a park trip. It’s been lovely catching up with friends, and the little ones have been so excited to see their friends. It’s funny, they’ve all talked about their friends all holidays and wanted to see them. I think next holidays we’ll definitely have to have a play date to keep them going.

3. Visiting a new play area

How amazing is it when you find somewhere to go that means you can sit and have coffee and little ones can play nicely? We finally tried the ‘new’ Gloucester motorway service station on the M5 which has a play area for kiddies. It’s really clean, new and is separated from the main cafe which makes it nice and safe feeling. Some bits were a bit big for our 2 year olds, although we came to he conclusion it was probably mummy anxiety more than anything as they all coped well! In fact H’s one friend did everything with gusto, which shows just turned 2 year olds can do it, even at a height that scares us!

4. Home time

As a SAHM, sometimes I do find myself counting down to daddy arriving home from work. However, this week, it’s been Toddler H asking all day long, she’s missed him so much. Hearing her super excited squeals of “daddy home” has been very sweet, and a welcome relief. She’s just been a bit more excited than before Christmas, and greets him with huge hugs. It’s been lovely to watch. I do think she’s become a bit of a daddy’s girl recently, she really misses him and loves how much fun the have together.

5. Toys

I’ve been relieved by all the new toys, given all our regular classes and routines (apart from swimming) haven’t started back yet, the new toys have provided some extra stimulation in what is a bit of a boring week (aka hard work for mummy!).

6. New Year

Of course last weekend was Hogmanay and the first day of 2017, so we had some lovely family time walking up our local hill, some fake (non-alcoholic) sparkling wine and yummy food. That was definitely a happy moment!

7. Baby Kicks

Baby #2 has decided to make their presence known and is rather enjoying kicking. It’s a relief to be in that stage of pregnancy where I don’t just have an ever expanding tummy and regularly forget I’m pregnant. In reality, I still forget I’m pregnant for most of the day, something I assume is to do with chasing a toddler all day? But these evening kicks give me time with baby, which I’m loving. This is definitely a happy list moment!

8. Reviewing 2016

I really enjoyed writing my top blog posts of 2016 post, and also reliving a few other posts that I really enjoyed writing as well as those that brought back lovely memories from the last 12 months. Likewise I’d really been looking forward to writing this year’s blog aims and personal goals post, it’s exciting being pregnant, and also planning where my blog is going.  You’ll note that in both I mention some favourite blogs as well as favourite bloggers I’d love to meet in 2017, and those I had the pleasure to meet in 2016, and those blogs really are worth following, so please hare the love. Don’t you think that stopping and taking stock, and really figuring out what’s done well gives you that real happy boast that you need.


Hope you enjoyed the celebrations and didn’t find he first week back to reality too hard?


Lynne x

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  • Reply
    One Messy Mama
    January 8, 2017 at 2:05 am

    What a lovely list! Always awesome to visit a new play area! And those baby kicks are amazing! I’m 21 weeks now and loving every minute of my 2nd trimester! Wishing you all the best! x #happydays

  • Reply
    Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons
    January 8, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    The bump back to reality after the Christmas break is always hard isn’t it? Max has been the same with missing his Daddy. Normally he’s in bed by the time my husband gets home from work, but because he’s been asking about him so much this week I’ve been letting him stay up a bit later to see Daddy. Hurrah for those baby kicks too – I’ve just started to feel them more regularly and it’s just lovely! #happydays

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