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Baby B has just turned 3 months old, and all I can wonder is where is the time going. It’s flown by so fast, I struggle to recall the early newborn days where all you did was sleep and feed, and wee and poo. The days with the midwife coming, the two weeks of paternity leave, the days of cuddling my tiny (ish) baby are gone.

Baby B you’ve grown so much, well, you are on the 91st percentile! You cry to sit up, you hate missing out, you laugh so much, your giggle is infectious, you smile so much and have opinions. You like playing, kicking, rolling on to your side and grabbing toys, and blankets, and anything you can get your hands on. You shove it all in your mouth. Hubby’s t-shirt included.

You’re so strong, you cry to sit up. We sit you up propped on the sofa or bumbo (only for a few minutes) and you continually pull yourself more upright, further forward to reach something (or grab your sister). You’re a cheeky monkey and want to be involved with everything, and recently f you think you’ve been left you will cry. I’m only making a cup of tea!

You love sitting with your sister and having cuddles in her lap. She does say “mummy she’s heavy on my legs” which I find hilarious, but means cuddles are fairly short, otherwise she’d cuddle B all day.

3 month old Milestones

  • Rolling from back to side, nearly to front
  • Laughing (10 w)
  • Smiling (since 5w 0d)
  • Head and eyes following everything and everyone around the room (since 5w 0d)
  • Chatting away
  • Pulling up trying to sit (since 10 weeks)

2-3 month old sleep

This has been interesting… Ok tiring. We’ve had stages around 2 months- 2.5 months where we had a wake up around 2am and then one around 5am that lasted 1.5 hours. That phase lasted around 2 weeks ending around 11 weeks. It wasn’t fun.

Since then we’ve continued having wake ups at 2.30am and 5.30am bang on schedule. Occasionally it’s been 1.30, 3am and 5.30am… which is even more fun. Hence why coffee and cake have been staples in our house this last month. It’s even more fun when Toddler H has a night terror and wakes screaming – usually sometime between 10.30- 1.30…

3 month old bedtime routine

None! We do need to get her in a routine for bed time as at the moment she sometimes falls asleep in the evening and we manage to put her in her cot – often around 9.30pm, and then has a feed when we come to bed. However, mostly we try that and it doesn’t work, so she atays down with us until we come to bed. I say we’ll try, but with Toddler H I remember she suddenly started screaming around 8pm at 3.5 months and it was because she wanted her cot. We’d get her upstairs and she’d quieten down. I think the difference is that Baby B often has a play in the evening, probably something we should also stop. Ill be sad when we no longer have our little baby asleep on a cushion on the floor.


They are now even cuter together. Holding hands, and Baby B just needs to see her and she’s desperate to grab hold of her. Luckily I think, she’s tried to eat everyone else’s hands apart from H’s so that’s saved one tantrum! I just love the admiration and love in Baby B’s eyes for her sister, and vice versa. Baby B is desperate to sit up, crying and getting upset so we sit her up. Mostly to see her sister. She launches herself forward to try to get to Toddler H. She’s desperately trying to crawl during tummy time. I’m sure she sometimes moves forward…

Toddler H being a big sister…

It’s been interesting juggling baby and toddler. We realised just after 8 weeks that Toddler H was having issues that I might not be there at night, this had been ongoing since Baby B’s birth. The reason? My labour started after I put Toddled H to bed, next hung she knew she was in the car going to our friends house, and after that she was playing at their house, followed by daddy coming to get her to bring her to the hospital. That’s a lot going on in 13 hours! It also explains why she’d freak out if she thought I wasn’t at home when hubby attempted to put her to bed. Usually if have to take her or go up and finish bedtime.
Lots of reassurance and me being there seems to be working, but I think it might be a while before she’s certain about everything.

We really need to try bringing her bedtime forward from 8pm, and fingers crossed she doesn’t wake earlier!

I do wonder what I’ll be writing at 4 months! I suspect rolling might be on the list, going by Toddler H’s achievements.

Any sleep tips or tips to achieving one wake up would be HUUUUGELY appreciated!

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    Sarah Howe
    September 20, 2017 at 9:39 am

    That has flown hun. She’s a big girl. We didn’t get the routine until later with the second; a few months in before she was going down at 7.30pm. aww hope Toddler H is ok soon…must be scary for them really! Thanks for coming back to #bloggersbest xx

  • Reply
    September 20, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Ah, I remember these days fondly. Time does go so fast! Before you know it you have a four, nearly five year old! Enjoy the time. #bloggersbests
    Jaki recently posted…The Only Cupcake Recipes You NeedMy Profile

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    Coping with a newborn baby, a toddler and trying to blog too! It's hard work and mostly I end up breastfeeding or asleep!
    September 21, 2017 at 8:50 am

    […] 3 months old – where is the time going? | Second baby […]

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