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There are definitely some products that are brilliant that just work. They  are invaluable and I used them first time round and they are back out with this second pregnancy too. Here are a few products I loved when I was pregnant with Toddler H and I’ve been using them again this time too…

1. Bump belt for the car

This is safety 101, a simple device to keep both me and baby safe. It just routes he seatbelt as low as possible around bump so if we were in an accident baby is more protected.

After reading lots of reviews I bought a ClippaSafe Bump belt on Amazon, and they sill sell it… (affiliate link*) – ClippaSafe Bump Belt


2. Over the bump maternity jeans

Comfort than under bump! I tried under bump ones again at he start and while they were comfy for the first few weeks, quickly they felt like they were just squashing me and bump. I quickly pulled out my over the bumps and feel much better.


3. Leggings and joggers

Yes soft and light, I loved these with H and still love them now.


4. Pregnancy pillow

I had painful hips last time and they’ve been worse much sooner Thai time so I was very quickly using my huge 5 foot pillow for support.

I’ve just got a Dream Genii pregnancy support pillow too and am loving it, especially the back support which stops me rolling over.

5. Pregnancy yoga ball

I loved this first time round, it was great for pelvic floor strengthening, posture and so comfy to sit on. I’ve been using it again and think I’ll be on it permanently soon!

6. Tens machine

This is one for labour, but one I really can’t recommend highly enough. It got me through labour with H and I want it to do the same with Baby #2. For some reason I sold the one I had with H, but I’ve just bought a new one… The exact same make I had before, an Elle Tens Machine, as I’d hate to have a different one! I’d always blame it if  I needed other pain relief with Baby #2.

It’s often around £50 on Amazon (affiliate link*) – Elle Tens Machine


Do you have any products you loved with every pregnancy?


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