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30 weeks pregnant - bump and pregnancy diary 2nd baby pregnant with a toddler
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The weeks have flown by a bit too fast recently that I missed writing a proper 28 week update – there is a mini one in this Happy List post. Not only am I now in my 3rd trimester, I’m past that 3/4 of the way point. Eeeeeek! How did that happen?

Chasing a toddler seems to be my only answer!

We’ve actually been really busy taking advantage of any nice day, playing in the garden, sorting no end of boxes from the loft and the spare room, and of course our long weekend to Hampshire/Dorset. 

Our long weekend was perfect a lovely last holiday as a family of three, visiting Peppa Pig World, previewing the new Caribbean Cove playground at Weymouth Sea Life Adventure Park, beach time, sandcastles, ice creams and swimming. The night before Peppa Pig world we stayed at a Holiday Inn Express only 10 minutes away. It was perfect and so accommodating for toddlers – H even got a welcome bag! 

Sometimes is the small things that make a difference isn’t it?


Bump update

After my 28 week check where bump measured 2cm small, I had a 30 week appointment as I couldn’t make 31 weeks, as the midwife requested, and measured only 1cm small. I’m next back at 34 weeks, so fingers crossed! 


Bump pics

I might not have written a proper 28 week pregnancy diary entry but I did take a photo both times…

28 week bump comparison – 1st and 2nd pregnancies


30 week bump comparison – 1st and 2nd pregnancies

My mum thinks I’m bigger than last time when comparing me now to a photo. 

Bump is currently in super huge kicking mode, really going for it every evening. Now at 30 weeks most evenings  we see her tiny(?) foot jutting out my side which I love. She goes crazy jumping around every evening. A few times I’ve felt a nauseous with her back/bottom and arms and legs going bonkers. I’m not complaining, I want to remember these savour and remember moments as I don’t think you can fully remember that feeling once baby arrives. 


Pregnant with a toddler…

It’s been an interesting experience so far, but I really think H understands. She loves giving “mummy and baby cuddles” (and incidentally now says cuddles opposed to “cuccu” or “cudda”) and still gets kisses too. She lives pulling up my top and maternity trouser band down to “see baby” and “cuddle” or “ahhhh baby”. An interesting thing if we’re in a cafe or out and about! 

 Actually last week she decided “baby needs cream” and proceeded to moisturise my bump. It was so sweet. She’s also picking clothes and toys for baby every time we see baby clothes, which is very cute… but could get expensive! Luckily my tactic of “show daddy first” seems to be working when she’s are getting getting carried away (aka picking up most of the shop!). 

Preparation wise, she knows where baby’s room is – it’s currently our study/room full of boxes we haven’t unpacked! 

We also bought her a Buggy Board to try to save my back and reduce tantrums. She sometimes uses it, but I guess once she can see baby in the pram she’ll want to even more – fingers crossed!!



Still chocolate! A little bit of coffee, mostly for energy I think. 


Comparison to 30 weeks pregnant last time…

Although this pregnancy is flying by it’s suddenly got really hard. I’ve found everything is getting more difficult and feels much harder than last time. I had a bit of rib pain last time, but nothing like this. This time ohhhh my right lower ribs hurt so much, it’s been constant for quite a few days now, little one must have been pushing in there! Oh and if I cough or sneeze, oh the pain! 

Last time, I also didn’t have a single cold, and now I’ve pretty much had colds or coughs since then end of January. I’ve also had costocondritis hitting in again, and my asthma flaring briefly too these last few weeks, so I’m hoping this nicer weather will end all these nasty bugs going round that keep hitting me! 

Since my 26 week update I have seen the physio for my hip pain and I’m now sitting on a birthing ball and doing some exercises to help. I say that, by the time j saw the physio I was feeling much better so the exercises are a bit sporadic! But, when ever I get twinges I know what to do, I also know to keep an eye on my posture as that has a huge effect on hip pain during pregnancy. 

It’s interesting, I do wonder if it’s all a timing thing: I was pregnant from March-November with Toddler H, so mostly summer and don’t get ill. This time, I’ve been pregnant since September, through the whole of winter and picked up every bug going, really struggling to get rid of it, although mostly they’ve been quite mild, just lingering, irritating at night or hitting me through my asthma or costocondritis. 


30 weeks pregnant = nesting

I appear to have finally started nesting. I don’t remember thinking ‘this is it’ with Toddler H, but last weekend I went crazy. Sorting boxes, charity shop piles throwing out boxes, ruthlessness. Our house is an absolute top with all my piles and boxes of stuff to get rid of, but it feels like we’re so much closer. I have a fear that if I don’t get it done now (and I mean NOW) we’ll have to children and absolutely no time to do any of this sorting. 


Second pregnancy fears

Now I’m nearing the end, I’m actually more paranoid than with Toddler H. I’ve no idea why, but maybe it’s the midwife measuring of my bump small that’s playing on my mind, or the fact that we’ve not had the growth scans I was originally told I would have due to my crohns. I’m definitely more paranoid about baby’s size. I can see that as Toddler H was bang on average but born a week early, and every midwife and doctor ever since has said that she was very big for me (size 8, 5’5″) that there shouldn’t be that same worry, but to me crohns can do funny things and I might not realise what’s going on, especially with chasing a toddler all day and don’t get say every pregnancy is different? This one sure is! 

I’ve also been thinking about baby’s birth and Toddler H’s birth, will this one be even quicker? Will I experience the build up to labour most people seem to? Or will it be quick and intense like last time?


Pregnancy posts:

My 28 week pregnancy update was included in this Happy List post and Toddler H’s birth story along with my thoughts on how this second birth could go.  


When did your nesting kick in? Did you have similar fears about your second pregnancy? How did your bump compare on your second pregnancy?

Lynne x


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    Musings of a tired mummy...zzz...
    April 10, 2017 at 10:31 am

    I think I was more nervous with my second and third as I was aware of what I would lose if anything went wrong 🙁 #bigpinklink

  • Reply
    Kirsty - Winnettes
    April 11, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Sounds like your measurements are picking up so fingers crossed for your next visit. I think I was a bit more nervous second time, and certainly pregnancy with a toddler in tow was much harder in many ways. It is all so worth it though. I felt guilty about loosing time with my eldest but I didn’t need to worry. There is something special about being a mum full stop but there is something even more special about having two (my mum told me that and i didn’t believe her until I had two in my arms). Thank you for joining the #BigPinkLink

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