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We recently bought a Lascal Buggy Board Mini second hand so that we could try it out before Baby #2 arrives, and hopefully save me from toddler tantrums and strops when H decides she needs a “mummy cuddle“. Given Toddler H is 27 months old and loves walking I was surprised how much she loved trying her friend’s Buggy Board Mini and even threw huge tantrums the next time we saw them and her friend was using it so she couldn’t. In typical mummy style I ran home and searched our local Facebook selling groups and eBay for one to try ourselves. Needless to say H was ecstatic when I told her what we were going to collect her own buggy board. She was even more excited that hers was blue, “blue like my dress!” she exclaimed!

So what do we think so far…


Lascal Buggy Board Mini Review

What is a buggy board?

A buggy board attaches to a pushchair and provides a place for a toddler to stand when the pushchair is being used by a sibling.

When they get tired you don’t have to carry them and juggle a pushchair/bags etc. Being pregnant I like the idea of using it before to save my back and stop me juggling so much when H has a strop. Anything to avoid a tantrum!

There are many makes if buggy board, I chose the Lascal Mini Buggy Board as that’s what our friend had, and it seemed the most versitile. According to the Buggy Board website it fits 99% of pushchairs.

I first fitted it to our Phil and Teds Sport, which was actually really easy. The Lascal Buggyboard website has a fitting guide and also a huge list of pushchairs the buggy board fits. There are individual fitting instructions for each pushchair, with pictures. It’s really well thought out.


Fitting the Buggy Board Mini to the pushchair:

To fit you basically attach the straps to the pushchair (usually just above the wheels). It’s easy to do, you thread the straps through and then tighten them by turning the clip. Then, adjust the knobs on the board to make the board the right width and height for your pushchair. Finally clip the board into place and add the hoist strap to the pushchair higher up so that you can hoist the Buggy Board up when it’s not in use.

We’ve also used it on our Summer Infant Ume One stroller and it was also easy to fit (although there aren’t any instructions for it on the Buggy Board website), it’s not even listed.


One note about second hand Buggy Boards:

One thing to watch if buying second hand is that the straps might have been cut, so it might not fit your pushchair or you might need for but replacement straps. Ours had uncut straps which was excellent as I really don’t know why you’d cut them.


Pros and Cons?

The positives:

1. Easy to fit and there are brilliant online instructions specific to your pushchair

2. I love the simplicity of it and how adjustable the buggy board is, I can see how it will fit most pushchairs. You can also adjust its distance from the pushchair, and get extension pieces too.
3. I also love the ability to hoist it it up when it’s not needed. Again a very simple concept but so effective.

4. Easy to remove. It’s so easy to take the board off to fold the pushchair. It just unclips.

5. Well thought out straps that can be easily moved between pushchairs (don’t cut them!). Just turn the end and it loosens the clamp on the strap, pull the strap through and put it on your other pushchair.


The negatives:

1. Expensive at £45 for the Mini BuggyBoard, and £65 for the Maxi.

2. Can make it awkward for walking, but the mini is meant to be more compact. I guess it depends on the pushchair design and handle as to how much of a bum-stuck-out walk you end up with…

3. Keeping a toddler on it! I haven’t yet experienced this myself, but I have read about people having trouble keeping their toddlers on and just not liking it. I’ve not tried it at our huge park yet, but I do wonder if H will stay on when she actually wants to go and play! I’ll update once we’ve been!



Lascal Buggy Board Mini = 100% recommended!

It’s a huge hit with Toddler H and if it means I need to push a pushchair around for when she needs to stand on the buggy board, so be it. It saves me picking her up, further hurting my back (at 26 weeks pregnant I’m suffering!) and teaches her she can’t get a cuddle when she doesn’t get her way… I hope!

I often struggle shopping holding Toddler H’s hand, my bag and any shopping, so having the pushchair again go laden up with everything might be a really good thing #mummywin


I’ll do a post on using the Buggy Board with the Phil and Teds Sport and Summer Infant Ume One separately as they both connect differently and feel  … But we definitely rate the buggy board as a brilliant purchase and I would say it’s worth the money if you have a toddler like mine! 


Have you tried a buggy board? Do you recommend the Lascal Mini Buggyboard?

Lynne x


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