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Peppa Pig World REVIEW
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Last week we visited Peppa Pig World… aka the toddlertastic Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park in Hampshire (near Southampton). We were very kindly given tickets so we could visit the park and write a visiting Peppa Pig World review.

Peppa Pig World with a two year old really is a toddler’s dream, and a place which, if you can visit, I’d thoroughly recommend. We had a fantastic time and really enjoyed our day, in fact we really wish we’d spent two days there as we didn’t even get to walk into the other areas of Paultons Park, The Lost Kingdom and Critters Creek. Toddler H had a brilliant day and really didn’t stop the whole time. She LOVED it. Really really loved it.

Like most 2 year old’s, she had a brief sit in her pushchair around lunch time to recharge but didn’t sleep. Revived after her cat nap she was desperate to get back into Peppa Pig World. We we very impressed at just how toddler friendly Peppa Pig World was, a perfect day out for a 2 year old, and she could go on all of the rides. There are height limits, but at over 85cm she could go on everything, the only compromise was sharing a dinosaur with daddy… which she loved!

Visiting Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old - review Southampton days out - family day out with two year old meet Peppa Pig and George Southampton review

Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old Review


Peppa Pig World is located near the New Forest and Southampton. Just off the M27. We stayed nearby at the the Holiday Inn Express, and enjoyed a lovely breakfast before getting to the park for just after opening.

The rides:

We went on all the Peppa Pig World rides and they were perfect for a 2 year old. In fact all but one (George’s dinosaur ride) was suitable for any age. Yes, some spun and some bounced and some went high in the air, so she did have a few wobbles, but usually fixed quickly by a quick cuddle. Not only that, on some rides, Toddler H was the one wanting to spin the ride more!

Review Peppa Pig World with two year old family days out Southampton Balloon ride and windy castle

From our first ride, Miss Rabbit’s helicopter ride, Toddler H was hooked. She loved it.

Review Peppa Pig World 2 year old- our family day out Southampton preschooler Miss Rabbit Helicopter ride

On the clouds after a brief wobble, she started trying to spin it herself!

Visiting Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old Review Toddler H spinning the clouds ride at Peppa Pig World in Southampton - our family day out with two year old Toddler H

Other than airports Toddler H isn’t used to queues so that was an ‘interesting’ experience. She really struggled to understand waiting more than a few minutes. I think all those people we heard saying we’ll do that tomorrow were right. Spreading the rides over two days would give you the option of seeing the rest of the park too, and also give time for little ones to nap. Toddler H doesn’t really nap, and hasn’t done since last summer, so her sit in the pushchair for 15 minutes was all we got. Of course you might not want to do every ride and split your day between both and stick to it better than we did!

We did find that the rides were very busy in the morning, but much quieter from lunchtime onwards. Perhaps people ventured to other areas of Paultons Park in the afternoon (like we planned to), or weren’t going on rides due to it being nap time. It was a Friday though, so I imagine it’s busier during holidays and weekends.

I love how all the rides are so linked in with the theme, the colours, and actual rides e.g. sitting in cars that look exactly like those in Peppa Pig, hot air balloons straight from the show and sitting on dinosaurs the exact same as Georges’.

Visiting Peppa Pig World with 2 year old Southampton days out review

I really was impressed, some theme parks think they have a theme if they scatter a few statues about, this is just like being in Peppa Pig’s world. There’s even a rainbow on the ground!

Review Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old Southampton - our family day out with two year old Toddler H

The exhibits:

From Peppa Pig’s house to statues of Miss Rabbit, George, Peppa’s camper van and of course the ducks. The exhibits are straight from the TV show, they’re great additions.

Visiting Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old - Southampton - our family day out with kids Campervan

I particularly loved the real ducks joining the show’s ducks…

Visiting Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old - Review Southampton - our family day out with two year old - real ducks in the Peppa Duck Pond

The food:

There were loads of stalls, perfect for every taste bud. From doughnuts (a MUST have, they were delicious), to ice-creams, candy floss, chips and hot dogs.

Tips for Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old review must do tips - Sugary doughnuts are a must have at Peppa Pig World - delicious

There were loads of places to eat both in Peppa Pig World and Paultons Park as a whole.

We did take Toddler snacks for H, though, as let’s face it we don’t go anywhere without those. I would recommend this, especially for waiting in queues!

The soft play:

We didn’t visit the soft play as H was more than happy running around seeing all the Peppa exhibits and rides outside. The weather also turned lovely and sunny in the afternoon so we sat outside happily enjoying ice-creams on a bench.

Visiting Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old - review Southampton on our family day out with 2 year old mummy blogger ice cream in the sun

Perhaps if the weather hadn’t turned so sunny we would have ventured into the soft play or made it to The Lost Kingdom (The Lost Kingdom review 2019), a place we’re so disappointed we didn’t get to see. Toddler H would be so disappointed too if she realised it was there, as she is equally as obsessed with dinosaurs as she is with Peppa! She really loves Birdland in the Cotswolds and so we’ll have to go there soon as every time we read the Peppa book ‘Out and About’ she says how she loves the dinosaur park too.

Visiting Peppa Pig World with 2 year old review - visiting Peppa Pig's house on a day out at Paultons Park near Southampton

Toilets, baby changing and all that malarky:

I thought the park was really well maintained throughout, with excellent facilities. There were lots of baby change tables in the toilets we went into, and the toilets even had toddler seats that pop down on top of the ‘adult’ seat. Toddler H loves going to the toilet when I do, so she enjoyed using the toddler seat, and I liked it too as I wasn’t paranoid she’d fall down the loo! She’s actually asked to use “mummy’s toilet” at home since too!

The toilets were clean, and actually the whole park was spotless. Everything looked brand new and clean. Just what we want with a toddler who touches everything, then eats before you realise it.

Our staycation: Southampton Holiday Inn Express

As you might know we live in Gloucestershire, so although it’s very do-able to travel to the park and back in a day, and many friends do, we had wanted a holiday. We stayed at the Holiday Inn just beside Paultons Park (5-10 minutes drive away). There are other hotels near by too.

Paultons Park do a 2 day deal through the Paultons Park website so you can visit for 2 days and stay overnight in a partner hotel too basically getting the 2nd day free.

As we only had tickets for one day, we stayed the night before our visit so we could get to the park for opening time (a VERY valuable piece of advice given by a friend).

After our day of visiting Peppa Pig World we drove an hour to have a weekend caravan holiday at Parkdean’s West Bay site in Dorset where we swam, played and visited Weymouth Sea Life Centre, including the opening of Caribbean Cove play area.

Why we loved visiting Peppa Pig World with a 2 year old:

We thoroughly enjoyed our day visiting Peppa Pig World and look forward to going back for two days in the future. We absolutely had a brilliant time, not just Toddler H, seriously, hubby and I had a great time too. We also love the fact that we could easily take baby when baby arrives and none of us will be left watching from the sidelines.

I’d definitely advise arriving as soon as the park opens, or just before as we arrived around 10.15 and it was filling up fast and there were queues for tickets. That’s another point book your tickets online if you can, or take advantage of the 2 days for the price of 1 if you book a hotel deal – we’ll definitely do that next time!

We visited on Friday, so I imagine it was much busier at the weekend, and also will only get busier during holidays and as the nicer weather comes around.

I know some parents don’t like Peppa Pig and, like anything, when it’s all your toddler requests day after day it does get tiresome. However, I would say this park is fun, hubby and I had a brilliant day. It was so baby and toddler friendly, we were so caught up in it too – pointing out Miss Rabbit to H, asking her if she could see George and just seeing the huge smiles on her face as she experienced rides for the first time. I loved seeing H just standing staring at Peppa’s huge camper van, she face seeing all these characters and their houses that she watches on TV. Her smiles on the rides and eagerness to get in every single one. It was great fun!

Peppa Pig World Review - Paultons Park Southampton Grandpa Pig Boat ride

Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park = 100% recommended by New Mummy Blog!

Have you visited Peppa Pig World or the other areas of Paultons Park?

Would you also recommend visiting for two days if possible?

Lynne x

P.S. We visited again in June 2019 for B’s 2nd birthday, and also had H who was by then 4 years old. Pop over to my blog on it to see the new rides – Visiting Peppa Pig World 2019.

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  • Reply
    Catherine @ Story Snug
    April 11, 2017 at 7:14 am

    Peppa Pig World is a really fun day out for little ones. I often went to Paultons Park when I was a child and as a teacher took children on school trips there, you should definitely go back to visit the rest of Paultons Park if you can. The water slide is my favourite!

    Catherine @ Story Snug recently posted…Jimmy Finnigan’s Wild Wood Band by Tom KnightMy Profile

  • Reply
    Fiona Cambouropoulos
    April 11, 2017 at 8:00 am

    Peppa Pig world looks so much fun, such a shame it wasn’t around when mine were young. #TriedTested

  • Reply
    Lauren Moseley
    April 12, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    It looks like a great toddler day out. It’s frustrating when they can’t do everything they want, so a whole park dedicated to them looks awesome #TriedTested

  • Reply
    Crummy Mummy
    April 17, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    We took BB for her 3rd birthday and will definitely be going again! #TriedTested
    Crummy Mummy recently posted…10 reasons I hate craftingMy Profile

  • Reply
    April 18, 2017 at 8:02 am

    We’ve been meaning to take the boys to this as I’ve heard it’s a great day out. Looks like you’ve had lots of fun though and the donut is making me hungry! 😉 #TriedTested
    Maria recently posted…New series of Kazoops now on CBeebies!My Profile

  • Reply
    April 21, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Definitely need to take my boy here! Really enjoyed your post.

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