Hasbro Toilet Trouble Flushdown game for National Poop Day | + Crohn’s Disease Awareness

Hasbro games Toilet trouble fun at half term review
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A couple of weeks ago I received an email which left we quite bemused, telling me that National Poop Day was coming up in February, and asking if I’d like to review Hasbro’s Toilet Trouble Flushdown game to celebrate. Yes, celebrate National Poop Day! Word’s I never thought I’d type! However, I was more than pleased to, as poop is a major factor in crohn’s disease, and of course any way I can help to raise awareness of Crohn’s, bowel diseases and obviously the big C word as well.  So, if you notice any changes, or blood, then do see your doctor. It’s better to be safe than sorry, and I can safely say I’ve seen so many doctors and there is absolutely no reason to be embarrassed about talking about poo, it’s form, or anything about it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. So, onto the other reason I was thrilled to receive this email…. H. Every single time we see the Hasbro Toilet Trouble Fushdown game in a supermarket or on a TV advert, H asks for it. Needless to say she was absolutely thrilled when this parcel arrived.

Hasbro Toilet Trouble Flushdown game review

I didn’t ever think we’d own this game, it seemed a bit odd. However, I can safely say it is hilarious and perfect for H, a preschooler. H and B love throwing water over each other in bath, so this game is right up their street!

Toilet Trouble Flushdown is a fast-paced game from Hasbro in which players race to spin their rolls of toilet paper the fastest to spray their opponent. The player who didn’t get sprayed with water wins!

I’ve a video to pop up of our fun playing the game, so do pop over for a look.


This would also be fab for a half term bit of fun. We’ll definitely be enjoying it for a while to come!


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