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I discovered this super easy way to make a valentines card/picture for daddy, right from when H was 14 months old. All you need is some paper or card, an old pizza box (or similar), scissors, blue tack, and some crayons. Basically stuff you have just lying around the house!

B made a picture ready for daddy for Valentine’s Day…

19 month old making a Valentine’s Day card using a stencil made from cardboard for daddy

1. Cut out a heart shape from the old pizza box, then cut a heart in the middle of it. Tape the edge shut using little pieces of tape.

2. Blue tack the heart onto the paper/card.

3. Let the kids colour wherever they like on the card.

4. Remove the heart and if it’s coloured in a lot, and it’s obviously a heart, it’s all finished. If not, draw the outline of the heart yourself to give it an edge.

I also used this method to create this card… so it’s actually fantastic for us parents to easily make cards ourselves too!

Mummy making a Valentine’s Day card using the toddler’s cardboard heart stencil

Hope you found this useful? I’ve a few more valentines crafts coming in the next two weeks so do check back for more ideas.

I’ve written quite a number of toddler crafty posts before including: how to make a toddler felt board, easy peasy hand and footprints, and a favourite make of mine, which H had great fun with, how to make a toddler teepee!


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Toddler make a valentine’s day card preschool activity kids crafts valentines

How a toddler can make a Valentine’s Day card using crayons and a stencil! Also great for parents too and preschoolers

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    April 17, 2019 at 8:53 am

    Super cute. It’s not valentines but soon to be daddy’s birthday so great idea! Xx

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