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Review Potty Summer Infant Step by Step potty pink toddler loves it
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As you’ll have seen mentioned in some of my weekly posts we’ve been potty training Toddler H for a while. She really started herself, wanting to use the tiny traditional potty we had, telling us when she had wet her nappy, followed by before she wet her nappy, and refusing to poo outside the house.

When we were very kindly sent a Step by Step potty for Toddler H we didn’t anticipate what a difference it would make. We didn’t realise how yes, potties do differ and a bog standard basic plastic one is ok, but paying that little bit more really does make mummy’s life easier. Seriously, it does.

Review Potty Summer Infant Step by Step potty pink box

Not only did she get super excited seeing the box, she was so eager to see it and use it, that she pulled it out of the box herself! I’ve no idea how, as I went to stop a buzzer in the kitchen! I came back through to this sight…

Review Potty Summer Infant Step by Step potty excited toddler

Summer Infant Step by Step Potty Review

The Step by Step potty costs £26.99 and is sold by many retailers such as Argos so is easy to get hold of everywhere. It comes in blue/green or pink/purple. We chose the pink and it’s proved a huge hit.

As soon as H saw the picture of it on the box she was shouting at me to open it.

As soon as I took the seat out of the plastic she turned around, pulled down her trousers and pants, sat on it and wee wee-d. I was amazed. How can a potty be such a hit?

I think there are many reasons… mostly, because the Summer Infant Step by Step potty has some brilliant features.

Features of the Step by Step potty:

  • A subset wee pot with spout, making it so unbelievably easy to empty
  • A soft comfy seat
  • The top part separates and becomes a seat for the actual toilet, when you get to that stage, and the base turns into a step so the toddler can get there themselves!
  • A lid, like a real toilet
  • A toilet roll holder

Most of all I think it looks much more like an adult toilet than a traditional potty does. This is a perfect attribute given how much toddlers want to copy their parents, H is always saying “my do it mummy” while trying to take over whatever I’m attempting to do. She’s always interested in us and curious, if you’ve seen my funny things toddlers say – potty training post you’ll see what I mean!

Stage 1 – using it as a potty

To use this potty in its first stage mode as a stand alone potty, it’s brilliant and so easy to empty, unlike a traditional potty. There is a handle and a spout, so there are no issues with pouring out the contents.

It’s a lovely height and so comfy for Toddler H. She’s come on leaps and bounds using this and to be honest I’d love a comfy padded seat like that too!

Toddler H loves her “pink toilet”, we even took it to Scotland!

She even hugged it when we got back home that afternoon… running into the living room and shouting “my pink toilet” and then doing this

Review Potty Summer Infant Step by Step potty pink toddler loves it

Stage 2 – using it on the toilet with step

We’re not at the stage of putting the seat in the actual big toilet yet, mostly because H is so happy using her “pink toilet” I don’t want to rock the boat. I think this potty is so versatile and long lasting because you can use it as a step and toilet training seat. So no need to buy those other items for the toilet. The box says it last from 18 months to 5 years… which is brilliant!

Review Potty Summer Infant Step by Step potty used on the adult toilet for older children and as a step

Potty Review Verdict

I’d definitely recommend the Summer Infant Step by Step potty as it’s comfy, looks like a toilet and has the best designed subset pot I’ve seen. Seriously, I’d say it’s a pleasure emptying this potty compared to the basic ones; easy and mess free. That’s a definite #mummywin!

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  • Reply
    March 22, 2017 at 5:52 am

    Aww she’s doing so well! Finding the right potty makes a massive difference. L didn’t like any opting for a toilet seat, super awkward for us when out and about! I think he’d have liked this one though. Xx

  • Reply
    The Helpful Hiker
    March 22, 2017 at 8:45 pm

    I plan to start potty training this summer so will be following your posts. This looks great, we’ve got a similar potty and I’m hoping it’ll make things easier #TriedTested

  • Reply
    Paula from Her Life Is Love
    March 24, 2017 at 2:46 pm

    How old was your daughter when she really started expressing such detailed interest in potty training? It’s one of my goal for this month, but my daughter seems to be afraid of releasing into the potty seat. I don’t want to miss the magic window…my daughter is already 28 months old. #thelistlinky
    Paula from Her Life Is Love recently posted…How to Write a Perfect PostMy Profile

  • Reply
    Victoria - Lylia Rose
    March 26, 2017 at 7:22 pm

    Oh I love how it looks like a proper little toilet, and with a toilet roll holder! 🙂 #thelistlinky

  • Reply
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