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Potty Training Essentials - Everything you need for Potty Training
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We’ve been potty training Toddler H for a while on and off, and have cracked it. Woooohooo! Through this journey we’ve learned a few things we really could not have done without. These items below are things we could not have done without in potty training our 2 year old. They really are potty training essentials and I hope this potty training advice from our experience helps…


My top 10 potty training essentials

1. Multiple potties

Definitely have one potty for upstairs and another for downstairs.

2. Potties with pots that can easily be emptied

The basic potty is ok, but we found the ones with a pot that sat inside much easier to empty. Cleaning to toilet seat after each potty empty is a real pain, the pot makes a huge difference.

We love the Summer Infant Step by Step potty and also the IKEA one, which both have this feature.

Recommended potty - Summer infant potty
Amazon Affiliate link Summer Infant Potty


IKEA potty

IKEA potty
3. A travel potty

We have a My Carry Potty which is brilliant as we can just close it after it’s been used and know it’s safe and sealed. See my review of the dinosaur My Carry Potty to hear why we think it’s the best travel potty.

Amazon affiliate link* to My Carry Potty. We have the Dinosaur design which is exclusive to Mothercare


4. Potty training pads/dog training pads and tea towels

We had a few sofa accidents when H was first not wearing a nappy/wearing pants… These pads are amazing and also reassuring! We also used them in the car seat when first going out.

We also used tea towels to protect the car seat and the bit in front of the training pad near Toddler H’s knees.


5. Lots of pants

Definitely get two packs of cheap pants. At the start on a few days we went through a lot! Sometimes not a real accident, but toddlers aren’t great at aiming when they sit on the potty and sometimes it goes over the edge.

We were sent a pair of Zoocchini organic training pants to try, and must say they were a huge hit. They’re the reason Toddler H refused to put on a nappy again, and refused to take them off going out.

Zoocchini organic training pants
Amazon Affiliate link* to Zoocchini organic training pants 


6. A change of clothes and pants for every trip out

Have at least one change of clothes with you every time you go out and remember spare socks!


7. Copious anti bac wipes

Some days you’ll be cleaning out the potty a LOT. In the first days of potty training Toddler H could go every 5-10 minutes around 15-20 minutes after having a drink.  Seriously wee, wee, wee, every few minutes. After a day or so she would go longer, even panicking me by not going for 3 hours one afternoon, nothing like keeping mummy on her toes! Those anti-bac wipes and sprays are an absolutely necessity, be prepared people… but rest assured it will get better!

8. Carpet cleaner and baking powder

Both clean carpets and baking powered is great for getting smells out. Definitely a must!


9. Moisturising anti bac soap and hand moisturiser

You’ll be washing your hands along with all those wee wees and cleaning. Keep moisturisers everywhere and next to every sink. My hands are so chapped and dry after our potty training and they’re sore and it’s just not a good look.


10. Cuddles, kisses, encouragement and the odd treat! 

Try as hard as you can not to get upset when there is accident after accident after accident. Encourage and cuddle. Give cuddles while they sit on the potty, remind them they can have a treat when they do that poo, soothe them when they’re upset and don’t let them see all the accidents if you can. They know when they’re succeeding and rally on it too.

High five all the way!


I have quite a few potty training blog posts so do check them out. 

Good luck everyone! It’s hard but you CAN do it, there will be accidents but it WILL come together 😀


Disclaimer: where * links are to Amazon, I may receive a few pennies if you click on these links, at no cost to you.  


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    Fab tips, we’re not quite there yet as my daughter is only 14 months old but my first trained at 19 months! I will remember the travel potty and that underwear for when the times comes! #brilliantblogposts x

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    What a checklist! Thanks, it’s very useful. I like the look of the carry potty. #brillblogposts

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