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We were recently sent a TOTSUP reward chart to review. We’ve been in the middle of threenager stage for a while now, why why why, where where where, let me do it, and of course just being plain unreasonable. Well, a reward chart of star stickers worked briefly for the ‘only mummy can take me to bed stage’ so the TOTSUP reward chart seemed like the perfect aid to help us with this threenager chaos (aka mummy countdown to wine time).

TOTSUP big red bus reward chart for tantrums, potty training, bedtime and threenager madness - review 

TOTSUP is different because instead of just having a piece of paper and popping a star on each night, the TOTSUP bus comprises an app and a magnetic bus chart. The child can physically add a person onto the bus, and, once they put all 10 people on the bus they get a reward or treat… something small!

 TOTSUP big red bus reward chart for tantrums, potty training, bedtime and threenager madness - fab for 3 year olds

We mostly use the magnetic bus as we have been using it if H has been good all day, and is going up stairs nicely to let hubby put her to bed at night without ANY screaming. Occasionally we’ve forgotten and so the app has been fab as we’ve been able to pop a person on the bus while out and about so they aren’t forgotten. Its also brilliant that it is magnetic so if you use it at night as we’ve also done, once PJ’s are on and teeth cleaned, we can just remove a person and H knows that that can happen. She also understands the consequence that she is then further away from getting everyone on the bus and ‘winning’ – for some reason she thinks if she gets everyone on she’ll win the game, no reward required!

I love the bus. Yes, it’s slightly more bulky than a piece of paper stuck on the fridge, but it’s a lot more motivating, and so bright and child friendly. It is designed for kids aged 2.5 to 6 years, and I think this is quite accurate. Children of this age understand rewards, and understand the consequences of actions.

I also find the app is brilliant for other rewards, for instance, we’ve used it to make shopping easier – if you don’t say “I want” while we’re at the shops then you can put a person on the bus…

I think the difference between TOTSUP red bus reward chart and other reward charts or systems is, this was developed by a mum. Sally Marks is a mum of two, who developed the big red bus reward chart to encourage good behaviour in her own children. Acknowledging good behaviour and rewarding it can have a really good effect of children. Children can also find ‘adult’ tasks boring, repetitive tasks that we just have to do, like putting away our clothes or putting washing in a basket. Using the reward chart teaches this behaviour and provides a visual reminder of their achievements – the big red bus does this far more than any star chart. 

Furthermore the TOTSUP red bus reward chart has been tested by parents, Early Years Educators, an Educational Psychologist and lots of little ones. It’s also very ‘British’ as all of the components and packaging are designed and manufactured in the UK. It is also available in pink… and H might be ‘girly’ but she loves her red bus, and putting people on it! 

New Mummy Blog Verdict: 100% recommended! 

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