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We were recently sent a Shark Lift-Away vacuum cleaner (NV6011F200UK) and Shark duoclean cordless vacuum cleaner which has flexology – a game changer –  (IF200UK) from to review. These came as a Shark vacuum bundle from and I must say their delivery was speedy and both products are fantastic. This was brilliant timing, as we’d been wondering how our 8 year old Dyson was actually cleaning. I think my Instagram stories gave away the answer to that – the Shark is by far the better cleaner, the carpets were bouncy again. My mother in law even thought we had new carpets, and that was just after a quick once over with the less powerful Shark duoclean cordless vacuum!

Shark vacuum cleaner reviews

Trying out the Shark Lift Away…

With our first go with the Shark Lift Away, I filled the whole bucket in much less than 3 minutes doing a super quick vacuum of the middle of the living room floor. It was disgusting what the Shark Lift Away picked up by comparison to our 5 year old Dyson.

I videoed us opening the vacuums and using them for the first time.

As you can see they’re easy to put together, and simple to use.

They actually glide across the floor, there is a definite pull to them so vacuuming is now easy and quick. No cumbersome, heavy Dyson anymore! The Lift-Away glides and fits in spaces the Dyson wouldn’t. Basically the Shark vacuums are huge wins in #mumlife!

The floors now feel like the pile is always raised. I can actually feel it between my toes, something that is amazing. I didn’t want to write this until we’d used the vacuums for at least two weeks to give them a real go. I have to say both are fantastic. I’ve popped a summary review of each below, but do check out my YouTube as I’ll be posting reviews of each on there as to show each of their features and how much we’re now picking up. Let’s just say I don’t have to empty them after half a room anymore! It’s taken a couple of weeks but I do think the difference is immense.

Shark Lift-Away bagless vacuum cleaner

This vacuum is light and easy to manoeuvre, it slips under our kitchen doors and handles without getting caught unlike or old vacuum. It literally feels like it is just gliding across the floors. There isn’t really any effort involved in vacuuming which means it’s quicker, painless and really just like a walk in the park. Obviously this is huge in the life of a sahm as it means cleaning just happens and I might get 10 more minutes for a quick evening run, or to make a longer run… or just to relax. It’s actually probably ideal for the elderly or those with bad backs too.

The cord is 8m long so it’s doesn’t need unplugged every 5 minutes, again saving time. Awesome, these days all I want is time saving products and ones which just work. This does all of that.

It’s a ‘lift away’ – what does his mean? Well it literally lifts off the ‘base’ so you can carry it out to the car easily or do the stairs just carrying the ‘bucket’ and hose parts. Brilliant eh?

Shark Lift-Away vacuum review - the easy light vacuum for cleaning the stairs and car

Maybe my car will be a bit cleaner now? Well, actually with the handheld cordless vacuum that was also part of this bundle I really have no excuses!

Other well thought out features include lights on the front. A gimmick I thought, but no, you actually can see crumbs on the kitchen floor and more. It also looks super Jetsons style, although I guess robot vacuums are more Jetson-tastic.

Does it really pick up crumbs right by the kick-boards under the cupboards? Yes. In fact I think it might have picked up the old owners dog hairs too – the amount of tiny white hairs, suspiciously similar in length to those of a Dalmatian, actually makes me feel sick. Now, two weeks on we’re not picking up many of them anymore, so I have to assume that assumption is right. So yes, the suction is strong. It’s also quite good at letting me know if I forget to turn on the ‘hard floor’ setting as it just grinds to a halt on the kitchen Lino stuck in place. I have to say our old vacuum doesn’t do this. There is also a setting that means you can adjust the suction manually – which is a fab help in ensuring it glides across Lino floors. Our wooden floors don’t seem to bad an eyelid at this.

Emptying the bucket is easy just press a button and the bucket pops off. Likewise cleaning the duo rollers is a breeze as again press the buttons on the top and the entire rollers come out. Simple but another feature that just makes me life easier.

Shark Lift-Away vacuum review - how to clean the brushes

Overall verdict

I’d 100% recommend the Sharp lift away vacuum it’s quite clearly effective and easy to use. It saves me time, and as any sahm (and probably working mum, too) will tell you the less time cleaning the better!

Sharp cordless vacuum with flexology and duoclean

The Sharp cordless vacuum is handheld has many features similar to our existing Dyson handheld which is 5 years old, however it also has a few game changers which make it stand out. Like our old handheld vacuum it has a few attachments and different ways to use it.

The suction on the Shark is brilliant, something which I feel is essential as a busy family, in essence always chasing our tails, clearing up mess constantly. Breakfast crumbs, grass and mud from playing outside, regardless of our ‘take your shoes off’ policy. This cordless vacuum picks it all up straight away, with no need to go over an area twice.

Like the ‘big’ vacuum its easy to use, has simple controls and just works. The blue head lights give it a really futuristic look.

Being cordless means it can just be grabbed and used much quicker than unwinding a cord and plugging in the bigger vacuum. The battery lasts 22 minutes which is brilliant. It often just sits in our kitchen ready to be grabbed to clean up the girls crumbs they leave everywhere.

In terms of charging it comes with one battery and a charger cable which you can plug in anywhere. The battery is well thought-out as it has three lights to indicate how charged it is. See, it’s simple and easy to use. You can also ‘upgrade’ buying a second battery so one is always charged.

I find a handheld vacuum essential in our family life and all the daily (hourly?) messes and crumbs we seem to clear up. Weaning is so messy, but having a one year old and 3 year old means they seem to make crumbs from nothing! This Shark has replaced the Dyson handheld vacuum we had for the past 5 years and it seems to pick up and clean everything in sight quickly efficiently.

Like the corded vacuum the rollers can be popped out to clean with the click of two buttons, and the dust bucket removed with the click of a button too.

The Shark cordless vacuum is well designed and has two roller making it a ‘duo clean’ vacuum. It cleans all types of floor without needing to do anything different. Cleans to the edges without needing to change to a different attachment.

It is also unique in my knowledge has it has flexology. With the push of a button it’ll adjust and whiz under the dining room chairs and under the TV unit.

Shark Duo-Clean cordless vacuum review - reach under sideboards, and easy storage

This same button means it can be stored anywhere as it stands by itself.

Overall verdict

I’d say this Sharp cordless vacuum is making my life easier, which I guess is what it’s meant to do. It picks up everything I point it at, is easy to charge and best of all a charge means it last for 22 minutes.

Shark vacuum bundle from – our verdict

Both vacuums are easy to use and have some very unique features. Both move very easily gliding across all floors, stairs, under chairs and tables. There doesn’t seem to be a corner or edge they miss, which is amazing really, especially with all the crumbs we seem to make constantly! Life is easier and that means more me time and any ‘cleaning hacks’ I find to make my life easier are a winner in my book! Both of these vacuums do that.

Disclaimer: we were sent this vacuum bundle to review, but as always my opinions are honest, and I hope helpful.

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