Toddler at 20 months ?= messy days & outdoor fun

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Don’t you think some days are just more messy than others? Some days Toddler H will create total and utter mayhem, some days are tantrum days and others are just plain messy. I like garden days, when she constantly wants to play outside. Screaming at the birds in the trees (oh Rolly, you’ve a lot to answer for!), throwing sand, slide fun and water painting on the patio. These are days I love. Days which keep the mess outside ? 

On a normal day our living room looks like this:


I just let her get on with it, she’s learning, figuring out duplo towers, putting her Happy Land people to bed, letting hem eat cake (and trying to join in to). I love her little “mmmmmmmmm’s” of play eating and cuddles for dolly. Imaginative play is ripe and well in our house. She loves her dolly’s, “oooooohhhhhhh nooooooo, oooooh NOOOOOO” if she can’t find poor dolly’s milk bottle, followed by cuddles and kisses. If it’s really bad mummy must get involved too. 

So, yes it’s messy, but I love it! Is home, it’s her time and I’m cherishing every moment. 
Now, it’s moments like this that I find harder to cope with…

On that note, I’m linking this picture above to #WickedWednesdays with the fab Brummy Mummy of 2. Two baths in one day is a bit excessive, but black pens, even the Crayola Washable pens don’t come off skin that well and turn a shade of blue/green like veins. (The pens are fab, I or ought recommend them as they do wash off, it’s just the black that’s a bit awkward – it’s now been confiscated after a few too many of here incidents (she ALWAYS chooses black for this!)).

Life with a toddler is fun, eh?

Lynne x

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  • Reply
    Carla (@CarlaRTOATSblog)
    August 26, 2016 at 9:33 pm

    Felt tip pens are my washing nemesis! And black marker pens from school; i never quite know how they get it on them when they only use pencils for writing with!

    • Reply
      August 27, 2016 at 10:19 am

      Haha that does sound like an achievement only a child could manage!!! Thank you for reading and your comment x

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