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Potty Training Dry At Night - Potty Training Tips
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Ok, I know this dry through the night potty training post falls under potty training tips, but I don’t really have many tips, just four tips for being dry through the night. They are based on our experiences, not tested by the hundreds of people! It’s been a few weeks since Toddler H has been potty trained during the day and wearing dry pants all day every day. We were insisting on toilet training pants – either Minnie or princess pants (Huggies pull ups)- at night, however, since wearing pants all day Toddler H only woke with a wet pull up once. She wakes up every morning has a drink, maybe even gets up and we start getting breakfast, but whenever she’s ready she says “I need a wee-wee” and usually just goes and does it on the potty.

So, she’s been dry through the night for a week or two and we knew we didn’t want to miss this window, and for her to start wetting her pull ups or anything. She is dry through the night so we knew we had to brave wearing normal pants at night asap.

So a few nights ago we didn’t have any pull ups left, only nappies… and so we went for it. So now I can officially say H is dry through the night! 

Potty training at night is something so many parents put off, but if they are dry at night when potty training during the day, or just after they master it, go for it at night. You don’t have much to loose, and by using something like we reviewed (AD) from The Little Green Sheep – waterproof mattress protector, or one from the supermarket, even, it’s not too big a deal. 

So really she’s made herself night time potty trained herself to stay dry through the night herself, however, that was one tip of read anyway…

Potty Training Tips for night time – a dry through the night toddler!

1. Crack the dry day potty training first

Let them be potty trained and dry through the day first. At the start of day time potty training we had a couple of evenings when Toddler H needed the toilet in the evening and woke screaming for the potty. She sat half asleep on the potty and was immediately asleep on us popping her back in bed. However, since those first couple of occasions, she’s had dry pull ups every morning. I’m not sure if this is common, but I have since been told there is a two week window where you should brave the night time pants when you’ve cracked the day time. If you’re currently tackling potty training you might also want to read my tips on potty training (during the day) and my top 10 must haves for potty training.

2. Potty training pads

Pop one on the bed and rest assured an accident won’t involve a full bed change!

We also use oured during day time potty training and they were so cheap (£3 ish for 10 in Home Bargains).

3. Reduce evening drinks

We only give H a “tiny bit” of water before bed, something she now requests and also tells us if we’ve given her too much! She does have a 360 cup sat for he morning, but never drinks from it in the evening. I had read, and can vouch that it works… Give a last proper drink at least 20 minutes before bed, to give them time to use the potty first.

4. Bedroom potty

We’ve popped the upstairs potty in H’s room in case she wants to use it herself (and not scream), she hasn’t, but it’s handy for if she needs to go during bedtime stories or is screaming to when she wakes.

That’s it! Again, follow their lead, be positive and be brave!

I know many struggle with this step, but hopefully these tips help to an extent. If you do need a laugh, you might like my things toddlers say potty training post.

I have quite a few potty training blog posts so do check them out x

Lynne x

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