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A few #vickstricks survival tips - a few bits and pieces to help- books, finger puppets, Vicks first defence,
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I recently received a few products from BritMums to help us survive a winter cold. Specifically toddler cold tips. It was brilliant timing as we were in the midst of feeling rotten, blocked noses, headachy and just general yuckyness. We really were feeling rubbish. This was Toddler  H’s first real horrible cold, and at age 2 she knew she felt rubbish. She really didn’t know what hit her for those first few days and slept so much. Yes, my toddler who hasn’t napped regularly in forever, was asleep on me for hours in the afternoon, and snuggled on the sofa with her monkey. Then hubby and I caught it off her – typical! I’m pretty sure our predicament wasn’t unusual, especially at this time of year.

So how did we cope? Well, I blogged about how, I, as a pregnant mummy coped, but what about Toddler H (and hubby!!)?

Toddler Cold Tips:

  1. Toys – the #vickstricks parcel we received had a few finger puppets, simple toys that really do provide gentle stimulation and distraction. They worked a treat. We also did sock puppets, and just used our normal socks to be snakes. Those smiles did make my day.
  2. Magazines – when we did venture to the shops we bought H a new Peppa magazine, something to say you’re being such a good girl. You’re doing well. She was so pleased, and the stickers provided a lot of fun. Even sat on the settee with her blanket. I definitely recommend this as a toddler cold tip – cheap new things!
  3. Vicks – H is only just two so we used a tiny blob of vicks on some socks and put them under her bed – so the smell still drifted up to her. She did sleep much better than we ever imagined she would given how snotty she was. I on the other hand slept with a tub of vicks open on my bedside table…! I have heard of putting it on little ones feet too.
  4. Books, they’re always good distraction!
  5. Favourite cuddly toys – yes, we brought those favourites, the first soft toy and the Peppa Pig and current favourites everywhere with us. She immediately sought comfort in them. That first afternoon as she struggled to stay away, she was so grateful for her Monkey and Penguin (who’s actually an owl!). So pleased to have to cuddle. They definitely provided that extra comfort. There is something to be said for a comforter!
  6. Toy doctor set – we got this stethascope from a Cbeebies magazine and it’s that small thing that just kept H going. Checking mummy was “ok”, and also using the play thermometer. We actually let her use the real thermometer too just to keep her happy, and let us then take her temperature without too much “my turn” shouts
  7. Vicks – we also tried this Vicks First Defence nasal spray
  8. We didn’t try this but all our friends suggested when H was younger to use saline and nose aspirators – H didn’t struggle with colds too much until this one, otherwise we would have used these too.
  9. Lots of drinks!
  10. Reading – I always found when I was little and ill, as I started to get better I’d read no end of books, just a bit slower than usual. It’s also a relaxing activity, not too stimulating (well, depending on the book… Some dinosaur story books seem to have multiple stories running as Toddler H gets involved).


It’s also worth mentioning my friend who is the only I know whose whole family has avoided this horrible cold… They’ve all been taking multivitamins. It did make me think, especially being pregnant! I guess it could work or help get through the cold quicker, but everyone is different!

I hope you found these useful?

Comment if you have any tips of your own!
Lynne X

Disclaimer: this post is an entry for the #VicksTricks competition!

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