What made mummy happy? #2

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This is my second week joining the #HappyDays linky by Katy from What Katy Said and Sian from Quite Frankly She Said. I’ll aim to do this quick list each week of the things that have made me happy, keep track of time flying by and what we’ve been up to.

Crucially, even if it’s been a rubbish week, even if it’s been tantrum central, a leap, a wonder week, or, eeeek a teething week, I’ll get to the end of the week, with my glass of wine in hand and take stock, remember the funny bits, the squeals of delight and the fun family times.

So, what made mummy happy this week?

5k on Twitter!

Thank you thank you thank you everyone!!!! I was super excited to reach 5,000 followers on Twitter this week ???

Family walks

Last weekend we went for a lovely walk up Leckhampton Hill. H went happily in the carrier, and did some walking too. She was shattered though and so she didn’t walk as much as we thought she would.



The lovely weather has ensured that we’ve spent lots of time outside. After our walk last weekend, H napped for almost 3 hours. So hubby and I had a lovely afternoon in the garden, weeding and painting, followed by a bit of hubby digging out the foundation for the edging of our patio. We’ve spent a few evenings pottering in the garden, which is why I didn’t do much blogging this week, and suddenly posted two posts yesterday!

Lovely weather & Friends

Last weekend we went to a BBQ at our friend’s house. They have a massive garden so the little ones had a fab time playing and running around.

We also had a few play dates this week, one at our house playing in the garden. We got the paddling pool out from last year and the little ones had a brilliant time splashing and playing with the sand pit. It was a lovely relaxing afternoon.

 We also visited a nct friend’s house for a morning play date which was great fun too…. With delicious homemade cake.

We also met a friend we’ve not seen in months at the new ?500,000 Pittville Park play area in Cheltenham. If you see my open letter to the council here, you’ll see why I’m not going back, however, seeing my friend was lovely as we hadn’t met in a few months, so I can’t not include it. (Photos showing amazing facilities (taken at 9.30 before it got super busy))


We had a wee trip to Clarks on Friday to check if H needed new shoes. She didn’t, but might do in a few weeks. At the same time, I met a friend for coffee and chat. Impromptu coffees are always a nice surprise! That will always make my happy list!

H’s new HappyLand Ginger Bread House

At the same time as going to Clarks, I also spotted this Ginger Bread House in Mothercare. H is very into imaginative play and as it was such a good discount I went for it (reduced from ?40 to ?30). She LOVES it! She puts the people to bed, they eat cake, and go for walks! She of course loves that it has a door. She’s obsessed with doors at the moment (not necessarily opening and closing them, but shouting door, and drawing doors too!


This week I bit the bullet and I’m now going to BritMumsLive later this month. I’m so excited, and cannot wait to meet all the lovely bloggers I chat to each week and learn more about what I should be doing! Check out my I’m going to #BLM16 post here, and let me know if you’re going too!
So that’s it, my second #HappyDays post. And, I can tell you, it worked. I’m sat smiling at all these lovely memories, lovely people and my family.

Lynne x

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