16 Christmas Films for toddlers age 2 or 3

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I’ve tried watching a few different films with Toddler H with varying degrees of success, she mostly watched two seconds and asked for Paw Patrol. We’ve watched The Snowman and Arthur Christmas but a few which I started thinking they were toddler friendly, didn’t seem to quite hold her attention and a few others just weren’t suitable. I was starting to get a bit frustrated that there must be something other The Snowman. It’s such a difficult age for TV, and so annoying some films which I remember as being kids films, turn out not to be, or just don’t hold her attention, so I asked a few fellow bloggers which Christmas films their toddlers love.

16 Christmas Films for toddlers age 2 or 3

When my eldest was that age, she loved to watch the Polar Express. My youngest at the same age is a bit frightened of it, but it’s definitely one that engages them if they’re not too scared. plutoniumsox.com

My three year will sit and watch Polar Express, especially if he has his train set out too. My six year old also loves it so it’s a win-win! www.mytunbridgewells.com

My daughter is two and loves The Snowman and the sequel The Snowman and the Snowdog. They’re not too long so she doesn’t lose interest and there’s music in them that she loves. www.mightymamabear.com

My eldest Beau has always loved The snowman and the snow dog and when Rudy was brought him a toy snow dog which Rudy won’t be without. He first saw this movie when he was just over a year old and was instantly transfixed. He is now three

My daughter liked Mickeys Christmas Carol at that age. A short Christmas theme film. Only 26 minuets long. She wouldn’t sit through long films http://mummythatsme.com

Mickeys Once Upon a Christmas http://www.joannavictoria.co.uk

The Gruffalo film is great for my toddler as it’s short. We can usually watch The Gruffalos Child straight after too without him getting bored! Https://www.lyliarose.com

Arthur Christmas is a fun film for all ages. Https://emmareed.net

Stickman is a lovely one and is short and simple for younger viewers. https://pinkpearbear.com

I’m hoping to introduce The Muppets Christmas Carol to my little one this Christmas! But she is a fan of the Snowman and The Snowdog – www.thebabyboatdiaries.wordpress.com

Buddys Musical Christmas– really colourful and lots of music! www.hellolittlelovely.com 

My 3 year old loves The Elf’s Story. It’s quite short and little Miss is glued when it’s on. www.wemadeawish.co.uk

On angel wings which is a cartoon version of a book by Michael Morpurgo based on the nativity story. It is beautiful x – www.edspire.co.uk
My daughter randomly loved Jingle All The Way last year (she was 3). It was the only non-cartoon film she’d watch until this weekend when she was glued to Hone Alone. www.andanothertenthings.com
My three year old absolutely loves Raymond Briggs’ Father Christmas. It’s about what Father Christmas does for the rest of the year. It’s just less than half an hour, so a good length for him. It’s a really lovely animation with quite a lot of humour in it and it really captures his attention.
He also loves Frosty the Snowman, the old animation from 1969. All three of my children have loved this film since they were young. Again, it’s not too long and they love the song.

Do pop any films your little one loves in the comments and I’ll add it to the list!

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    Alice | Letters to my Daughter
    December 18, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    Ooh, there are a few I’ve not thought of in here! I LOVED Santa Claus the Movie as a child but was probably older than 3. My daughter is 2 and has really enjoyed the Christmas specials on Netflix this year – there’s a Trolls one and a Home one, and Pixar playlist of 4 films I think amongst others. they’re all short – I think the longest was about an hour, so it’s good for hort attention spans 🙂 #coolmumclub

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