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It’s Christmas time and what better time to review a new doll toy than now? Well, we’ve very kindly been sent the new BABY born Rain Fun Shower Doll Set to review. It’s part of the new bathtime range which also includes the BABY Born Funny Toilet and the Interactive Bathtub with foam. We already have a big sister doll from the BABY born range (which I reviewed) and it is perfect for going in the shower. Toddler H is 3 years old, so this is the perfect gift for little ones of this age. I am really keen on this shower as Toddler H has occasionally started asking to have a shower instead of a bath and if her doll can also have a shower, then she might happily do it more. It’s been quite funny how suddenly since our holiday she’s gone from running from the shower to occasionally asking for it. 

BABY Born Rain Fun Shower Doll Set Review

The box (so you know what to look for in a shop!):

Baby born rain fun shower doll review - fun for 3 year old

Inside the box – all the pieces:


Putting the shower together:

I did wonder if it could have come all together as although it was really easy, it didn’t really take up any more space when put together. It was easy to put together, but a little fiddly. I was also paranoid I might break the shower screens I was putting into place. Doubtful, obviously, but still with a toddler breathing down my neck (and jumping on my back), I was under pressure!

Baby born rain fun shower doll review - fun for 3 year old
It’s very cute that it comes with a towel for the doll, although Toddler H decided it was a facecloth!

Using the shower:

It’s been very well thought out, there is a ‘doll holder’ which allows dolls of different sizes to be used. Toddler H’s smaller doll, which she’s had since her first birthday, is a bit smaller than the dolls this is recommended for, however Toddler H doesn’t seem to mind that she just hangs in mid air. I doubt many toddlers would! It’s also very convenient that the shower head is height adjustable as many different dolls can fit.

Baby born rain fun shower doll review - fun for 3 year old
The shower is very easy to use, just turn the switch. It includes a regulator although we only used ours in the bathroom! I’m very keen that H can’t fill it with water herself; that could get quiet messy.

There is a large drawer under the shower which holds the water.

I do have to say, I feel a bit clumsy using the shower door, but I think I’m just paranoid that it’s going to break. Toddler H can’t always manage the handle on the shower screen, but that isn’t a problem, she seems to like dropping her doll in from the top and, as the shower head adjusts up, she has loads of room to use it that way.

BABY BORN shower verdict:

Toddler H loves this shower for her dolls, and it now lives in her bedroom. Apparently it’s not only her dolls who need showers, dinosaur, unicorn and monkey have all had showers too!


Other items we love in the BABY Born range:

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