Heatwave survival – Cooling down the car seat

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I’ve found little H to be rather warm and sweaty in her car seat. She’s only been in it for 15 minutes at most, but she’s been drenched. I googled for ideas and found suggestions of clip on fans (sounded potentially dangerous!), baby in nappy (yes, I’d already tried that), windows down, air con on max…. Then I stumbled across the idea of putting a muslin behind her so it soaked up any sweat, keeping her cool. This suggestion also said to cover the car seat when it wasn’t in use with a special cover. This got me thinking, and so I got creative!

Here is the result:
All I did was use one of Baby H’s old fitted crib sheets (90x40cm) pop it over the car seat, and cut some holes for the straps. The sheet fits pretty perfectly over our Maxi-Cosi Pebble, and it doesn’t look too shabby either! She’s definitely felt much cooler since I hacked this together on Thursday. What do you think?

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