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This is a big question in the new parent world: which nappies are best? So, I thought I’d write a wee post comparing nappies and our experiences of several of the leading brands.

It really depends on what you consider a priority, brand name, wetness indicators, fit, the list goes on. Some people just buy Pampers because they assume they are best, but it doesn’t always work that way. Here is my experience…

Aldi Mamia range

Fit: good
Elastic: none
Wetness indicator: yes, but I didn’t ever see a change!
Cost: cheap as chips!
We love these, they’re very cheap, and fit very very well. Only the very rare explosion, but nothing would ever contain those! Again, Baby H never complains about a wet nappy even after 12 hours overnight.


Asda Little Angels

Fit: good
Elastic: none
Wetness indicator: yes, a yellow-blue strip
Cost: cheap as chips!
We also love these, they fit well. Even at 7 months they contain the explosions well and have never leaked. Again, Baby H never complains about a wet nappy even after 12 hours overnight.



Fit: good
Elastic: sorry, I can’t remember
Wetness indicator: yes, a strip
Cost: mid range
Baby H wore these in her first couple of weeks and they were fab, a nice fit, good indicator and we didn’t have any leakages. However, they we’re more expensive than other supermarkets.



Fit: hmmmm not great
Elastic: none
Wetness indicator: yes
Cost: cheap
Didn’t like these at all, they also smelled yucky.



Fit: good
Elastic: yes
Wetness indicator: yes
Cost: most expensive
These were as good as those from Asda and Aldi, but, I wouldn’t say they are any better. They did smell a bit, and I actually thought that Asda and Aldi’s have kept little H happier overnight.


Asda and aldi nappies are both cheap and as good as the more expensive Pampers (and Sainsburys). No need to spend that extra cash on nappies, baby would prefer new toys instead!

If you think another brand is fab, let me know and I’ll try them too!


These are the only brands I have tried. And this is all based on my own opinion and experience.
Note. We have only used size 1 of the Sainsburys and Morrisons nappies, and only size 2 and 3 of Pampers. However we have used a variety of sizes (1-4) of Asda and Aldi.


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    Dad Burger
    April 1, 2016 at 1:16 am

    I wanted to do a bit of comparison. I think those mamma mia ones you have there are sold in aldi and they are quite a bit cheaper than pampers. But my missus was like “Only the best” and i had no choice in the matter. I know bad nappies can sometimes cause nappy rash but there no reason not to try and find out in my opinion. Unfortunately all i can say it this point is that pampers do the trick.

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