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Today, 6th August 2017 is National Sister Day, something I didn’t even realise existed! I’m not sure why I didn’t twig, after all there is a day for everything else we can possibly think of. I have a sister so I feel slightly bad that my instinct of hearing National Suster Day existed was to this “it’s Toddler H’s first as a big sister!”

She’s now been a big sister for 8 weeks and has transistorised really well, she loves Baby B. When I say loves I mean LOVES. She asks for her all the time, she’s concerned when B cries, she gives B her toys and piles them up around her. She tells us “B’s done a big huge poo poo” or “she needs milk” I just love how she’s looking out for her and ordering us around to look after her. 

To celebrate #NationalSistersDay here are some of my favourite things Toddler H does and says now she’s a big sister… 

She’s so caring, loves to give Baby B cuddles and loves to try to help. She’ll sing to B, she’ll try to help change her by fetching a nappy or wipes, and this past week she occasionally tries to pick her up to put her in her car seat or move her to the hanging mat. Yes, this new development isn’t quite so great, but I think shows how much she loves her. 

This last week reality has been sinking in, she’s started asking “where is B’s mummy?” and “who is B’s daddy?”… so it’s sunk in that B is here and has been for a while. She understands she is B’s big sister and is ‘gets’ that, she’s uber protective of B, not letting hubby not I pick up B’s toys, she grabs them off us saying “no they’re not yours mummy, they are B’s!” 

She calls B MY B” she’s so affectionate, the way se says it we know she’s going to protect her and look after her. 

When B was born Toddler H was eager to take her to her classes to show her to everyone. Perhaps like she does with her toys, but it was cue all the same. She’d say “we’re going to dancing tomorrow, and daddy and mummy and B!”

She cooks over B, and ahhhhhs and oooooh. She tries to make her smile and laugh, and B does. B really really beams at her sister and has done since the day she turned 5 weeks old. A huge smile, a smile from her eyes that we know is real. From that say day B started turning her head to follow H around the room. This morning, H sat peering into the crib as soon as B woke, and B was smiling and laughing back. Chatting away in new baby coos and ahhhhs.  

These two are going to be as thick as thieves and I love it. Their bond is so strong already, and although we’ve had a few issues with H, like a few more toilet accidents and bedtime dramas, she absolutely loves her sister. 

We were sent a Baby Born Big Sister doll for National Sister Day which H has been playing with, doing her hair and we’re wondering when she’ll start pretending that the big sister doll looks after her baby doll. It’ll be very funny to watch! I’ve popped a bit more about the Zaff Creations Big Sister Doll in a separate blog post reviewing her as she’s a brilliant doll, and perfect present for any new big sister. In our experience, big sister doll is definitely someone for any new big sister to spend hours looking after, giving a new mummy time to feed and burp their new baby.

I actually had a doll with long hair very similar to this when I was growing up, although I was a bit older than H, and I absolutely loved doing her hair, brushing it and making her walk. She also comes with necklaces, hair bobbles and a bottle with straw too – all little things to keep H busy looking after her.

My sister had a doll similar. Actually on that point I must add that I love having a sister, especially more recently we really can talk about anything taking each others advice and support. 

I wonder what I’ll be writing next year for National Sister Day? We’ll have a one year old and three year old then, there might be a few developments by then!! I’m sure as soon as B stars stealing H’s toys and chasing her we’ll be in for some new challenges!

Did you know there was a National Sister Day? Any tips for hurdles we’ve not yet faced? 

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    Baby Born Sister doll by Zapf Creations | Review - New Mummy Blog
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    […] Loving being sisters | National Sister Day #NationalSisterDay […]

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