Finding me time as a mum of two – jogging, blogging and music

Starting to jog for me time as a mummy of two
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I took up jogging in January to get some much needed me time. It’s actually a bit of an interested that hubby has really taken to as well, of course being parents, we don’t really get to enjoy it together much, but it’s something we’re both enjoying which is another mutual interest. We actually have something to talk about beside the girls!

Back to the jogging, I never was a jogger, I could sprint 100m, but no more cross country resulted in me breathing in a paper bag on a few too many occasions. I’ve always wanted to jog. I’ve wanted that easy hobby. The hobby that didn’t require a gym, a class, a car, an hour of my time. Jogging is the hobby I can finally do and be a mummy. I put motherhood first and didn’t know who I’d become, and yes, I still have wobbles when I don’t find me time or relaxing time enough . It’s an easy hobby which I now fit in easily, yes, I could be building to a 5k or more, but for me it’s not about the distance, it’s about doing it. A 10 minute run, just over a mile, these are huge milestones to me. Someone with lungs that were not fully formed. It’s about me doing something for me. I run, I challenge myself.

I must admit I’ve bought into a few bits and bobs to make running easier… and it really feels like ‘me time’ if I’m not just wearing the clothes I’ve worn all day.

Running top – I bought hubby a Karrimor top for his birthday, it’s brilliant. I quickly spent my Christmas money from my granny on one for me. Perfect for keeping the wind off, but cool and breathable too. Obviously the recent heatwave I’ve not been wearing it. But fab all the same.

Sunglasses obviously to keep the sun and wind out of my eyes. Being able to see properly seems to help!

A sports bra… anyone who’s had a baby will know this is a must! My first few runs, when I was trying the couch25k app were rather enlightening in that department.

Next on my list is a pair of in ear wireless headphones. Hubby has a pair and even if he’s running wayyyy more than me, miles and miles – he’s done amazing given he also only started in January.

I know I said I wasn’t keen on going to the gym but maybe one day we’ll be organised enough to set up the rowing machine and maybe get a cross trainer too. When that’s the case bluetooth wireless headphones like these Plantronics backbeat sports headphones seem ideal for working out in either gym. I think we’d both love evening rows with the headphones. It would also be fab to have a row while B sleeps and H is at preschool – a nap time work out sounds fab – totally like those mommies in the movies. The backbeat headphones are sweat resistant, stay charged for 18 hours ‘listen time’ and have on ear controls. Actually if I still worked and commuted as much as I used to, or even less, I’d be wearing them every day on the train.

Talking of music, music was made to make people feel better. Several times a week as I’m cooking the girls’ dinner we turn on Alexa and dance around the kitchen, usually to Glee or Mr Tumble. You have to ask “play music by Justin Fletcher” if you haven’t yet discovered this trick. The girls absolutely love his songs, and it also helps them forget they were hangry. We all feel better and more relaxed after a good boogie, though there’s only so many times I want to spin in circles – it definitely makes me feel old. On that note, unless your me time includes gymnastics or crazy yoga, if your daughter asks you to do a handstand, never ever, ever ever, actually attempt to do a handstand. EVER.

I think it’s finding more pockets of time where we just relax, like dancing round the kitchen laughing that make a big difference in the day. I really need to work to find more relaxing ‘5 minutes’ in the day. Not moments checking my phone or blogging though. Doing something which makes me smile. It’s really hard finding me time as a mummy of two I really didn’t expect it to have such an impact.

Of course, though-out blogging has given me a purpose, a tiny bit of something else to think about. Now, yes, I know that news report last week about mothers wanting it all, why can’t we just be happy being mothers for a few years. Yes, I am happy, I’d go back to work if I wasn’t. I’m lucky that I can be here to see my girls grown up, do picks ups, and choose when was right for H to make tracks and do her own thing and start playschool. Next week she starts preschool, because it’ll be good for her. She, like me drives on structure and routine. She likes to know what’s what so I think the rules and making friends herself is good for her. It’s also time for me to give B the attention she never gets, time for her to not always spend every second watching, listening and coping H. For me it means preschool runs, but also hopefully more daytime runs with the pushchair and time to myself when B naps.

I can’t decide if blogging helps my me time and relaxing or adds to the stress. Sometimes I’m shattered and can’t be bothered blogging but have ageed to deadlines which can be pressure when the girls are in bed that I just don’t need. However, blogging is fab to create memories, to have new experiences to challenge myself, and, to make sure we do have brilliant days out together. I also want to help others see why we made a choice, why we chose a hotel and why we chose that same holiday provider, or returned to the same caravan park on the beach. Blogging provides me with me time, a bit of coffee money, unique opportunities and the satisfaction of knowing I’ve thought about something for myself. It’s not chemical formulas, toxicology, computing code or mathematics, but something; and when you’ve experienced that breakdown, that realisation that you don’t know who you are anymore, something makes a huge difference.

Hubby and I have also rediscovered Orange is the New Black on Netflix and we’re hooked. It’s not entirely helping with getting an early night but it’s very addictive. Conversations flow about it, I find myself messaging him during the day saying “so who do you think will happen?” and it reminds me of the hours we spent binge watching 24 many many many years ago. Us time also helps me time.

So, mamas in my phone, thank you for reading and commenting, and of course for every single share. Ladies please remember to take real time for yourselves too. You might think you can’t, or like me that you didn’t want to. But you do need to try. Just small things, if you can, 10 minutes in the evening for you, it does make a difference.

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    Lucy Reynard
    August 29, 2018 at 2:13 pm

    This is very helpful….our baby is 9 weeks old and I’m thinking I need to do something soon! Gentle jogging might be a good place to start!

  • Reply
    August 30, 2018 at 6:51 pm

    Lovely post and totally agree about finding time for you – it’s so important and often overlooked.

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    […] with being a sahm/blogging mum before H starts reception next year. It also gets me a bit more me time and relaxation with hubby in the evenings. […]

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