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You might recall we reviewed the first ever PJ Masks DVD Time to Be a Hero last October, well, I had some amazing news last week… There is a brand new DVD coming out on the 5th of February! To top it off we were sent a copy to review, and I have to say, it is brilliant. PJ Masks seems to be one kids TV series which cannot fail to be a hit. Toddler H loves it. She was seriously excited, when she opened the DVD, and I can’t actually count how many times she’s asked for it since. 

PJMasks DVD - Let's Go PJ Masks review - Gekko, Catboy, Owlette
It’s been brilliant for me getting some time with Baby B, and even a bit of me time. OK, a cup of hot tea. The new DVD is released on the 5th of February, and is available to preorder it… – here is a link: Let’s Go PJ Masks DVD on Amazon*  (and a link to the first DVD – PJ Masks Time to be a Hero)

If you’re unfamiliar with PJ Masks, you must not have a toddler or 3 year old. The episodes follow three school friends Conor, Amaya and Greg who by day are three normal school kids but by night, put on their pyjamas and activate their ‘animal amulets’ and magically transform into their superhero alter-egos: Catboy, Owlette and Gekko. 

PJMasks DVD - Let's Go PJ Masks review - Gekko, Catboy, Owlette

The brand new DVD has 6 episodes:

  • Gekko and the Snore-A- Saurus – Luna Girl turns a sleep-walking Cameron into her very own human puppet. It’s up to PJ Masks to save the day… but Gekko has to stop messing around first!
  • Catboy and the Shrinker – Romeo and Night Ninja team up to shrink the PJ Masks with Romeo’s shrinker invention.  When Catboy gets shrunk, he forgets that even a little guy can save the day… if he can use his small size to his advantage.
  • Blame it on the Train, Owlette – When the new Fairground Flyer Train goes missing from the fair, Owlette is determined to get it back quickly.  But if she wants to defeat Romeo’s new super train, she’ll need to learn that a little patience goes a long way.
  • Looking After Gekko – When Night Ninja steals the school bus and converts it into his very own super-vehicle, it’s up to our heroes to stop him in his tracks. But for that to happen, Gekko needs to learn that asking for help doesn’t make you weak.
  • Catboy’s Tricky Ticket – Catboy only has two tickets to the Jayden Houston concert and has to decide which of his best friends to take to the show.  Owlette and Gekko offer him presents to sway his decision and Catboy’s newfound greed could ensure Luna Girl ruins the concert for good.
  • Clumsy Catboy – Romeo plans to use his newest device to make everyone in the world so clumsy that they can’t stop him from taking over the world. But when agile Catboy is the first to be “clumsified”, he can’t admit it and tries to save the day without any help.

I think they are all very popular with Toddler H… she’s been ‘sleep walking’ ‘sleep eating’ and ‘sleep-everything-ing’ since the weekend, and it’s only writing this that I’ve twigged why. The episode Gekko and the Snore-a-saurus shows being turned into a sleep walking puppet, doing all sorts while asleep. These toddlers really do pick up everything don’t they! So do beware, after watching this, your toddler may start sleep walking in the middle of the day!

⭐️ New Mummy Blog Verdict: 100% love it… and plus points as it get me some ‘me time’ ⭐️

Disclaimer: we were sent the Let’s Go PJ Masks DVD for the purposes of this review




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    Laura Breslin
    January 28, 2018 at 11:28 pm

    My pair are PJ Masks obsessed!!! They go around calling each other Cat Boy and Gekko and im Luna Girl!

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    […] access water during the day, and allowing lots of down time (yes, giving into the requests for PJ Masks and Peppa Pig) do make a difference. It’s hot and these toddlers seem to need more downtime […]

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