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Wondering what this gobbledygook title is all about? Well, this is the post I posted from my pocket. It was only a title, but given I had rather a few messages asking if Toddler H had got hold of my phone I thought I’d explain. It’s a bit of a major mummy fail, and probably a major blog fail. Lesson learnt.  Even if the toddler is at playschool, and I’m having me and baby time, pottering doing shopping, getting jobs done, make sure I lock my phone. 

In other news… Having two kids is hard, amazing, rewarding, so cute to see, but oh oh oh so hard. Playschool is meaning I feel like j get time to breath, time to find me and discover a love for jogging (I hope!). Our house is also getting oh so organised. It feels like things are coming together and even in the frustrating threenager moments, the clingy 7month old moments and the ‘what you’re awake again’ lack of sleep moments, are getting easier. Crying also helps, and the joy of a babysitter to look forward to, definitely helps! Thanks parents. 

So while this post started as a mistake, despite having umpteen posts in drafts, reviews, random blabberings, crafts, cakes and holidays I figured, it’s popped into a bunch of your inboxes (thanks subscribers!), so I should probably write something instead of end up with you wondering what this odd post was. 

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    January 16, 2018 at 6:55 pm

    It made me laugh so much when I saw this! I honestly thought H had gotten hold of your phone. The truth was so much better. Xx

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