Real life with Toddler H – 2 years old

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Real life with a two year old - by a SAHM, just turned two
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Toddlers really do keep us mummies and daddies on our toes. Now Toddler H is 2 years old, I love how she has developed such a personality, she really is the cutest, cuddliest girl. Cuddling me on the sofa, feeding dolly her bottle, changing her nappy, and being so caring when she drops dolly head first on the floor, on purpose obviously. Actually, should I be worried about that one? On the other hand (mostly if she’s not had a snack for a while), five minutes later it can be tantrum central, mummy being dragged around by the hand and forced (yes, really, FORCED, since she was 18 months old) to open a stair gate so she can point at cupboards for me to open. If I don’t she screams the house down and is such a grump for hours, it’s a nightmare. Hubby arrives home to me at my wits end. He arrives home to screaming, from both of us.

With my finger being squeezed like a vice and horrible (fake) crying being heard a mile away, its much easier to play along in the hope that food IS the answer. Really, it usually is. Some days, this girl eats us out of house and home. So yes, there are ups and downs, picking my battles, taking each moment slowly, savouring the good, the funny, the cheeky and caring. Glossing over the tantrums, trying to forget the harder times as let’s face it we’ll be doing them again with Baby #2 in the next couple of years. Oh I hope baby #2 doesn’t start the terrible twos quite as soon. Days could be incredibly tiring, and that was before I was pregnant!

Days can be incredibly hard and incredibly long. Routine a d being busy seems to help. We plan lots of activities, swimming each week, music basic classes, dance based classes, and play groups all provide much needed routines to the days and weeks. Coffee breaks and play dates are also a must, after all that  running around, music playing, dancing and swimming (without ever actually swimming), mummy needs a good sit down and a chat while Toddler H plays with her friends and they amuse eachother. Yes, play dates have become a saviour, a few hours where we have an easy time, give or take a few minor sharing negotiations, but hats nothing compared to the negotiations that go on at home if Toddler H is bored, or hungry, or realises she could get away with it.

It is hard being a SAHM to a toddler, but I must admit since her speech has improved ten-fold a day since I last wrote about her development, it feels like we’ve turned a corner. All of a sudden she says five work sentences and counts to eleven. The biggest eat difference has been that frustration of not knowing what a tantrum is about has to an extent gone. Now, we at least know what she wants. Usually a snack if I’m honest. See? it’s usually food. Sometimes a snack before breakfast, sometimes, in the last few weeks it’s been cake and “chucchuc coin” (chocolate coin) – yes, we’ve had a fair amount of both of those this December with Christmas approaching.

I’m sure we’ve not been alone. It’s good knowing what she wants, it provides a negotiation starting point! It seriously doesn’t always often work, but I feel like I’ve tried, and got somewhere (ruled EVERY other healthier food in the house out). But, to be fair, sometimes I just want chocolate, and, I guess being pregnant, I’ve been scoffing a lot more food lately than before. Mostly I hide in the kitchen, or behind the living room door. Occasionally hiding cake behind the cushion and cramming it in when H’s back is turned. So, yes, she’s seen a lot more food lately with me having to eat every hour 10 minutes.

Recently she’s become a real daddy’s girl, asking for him in the day, waking up expecting him to go to her on a Monday morning, excited to look out for him arriving home. It’s amazing for me to watch, even if I know I’m not good enough. She’s even had tantrums and shouted “daddy cuddle” or “I want daddy”. I feel really helpless then, I can’t do anything, he’s at work and that’s that. I love how excited she is when she hears the front door open, how she wakes back up from her sleepiness to play and run around with daddy like a lunatic.

Over these last few months, I have found it incredibly cute seeing her relationships develop with her friends, we see the same few friends a few times a week and they’re soooooo excited to see eachother. She gets in the car mid strop if you say “we’re going to B’s house” and she remembers if we’ve said we’re going there the next day. They give each othe thugs, help eachother up if they fall Saturday “you ok?”, they tickle eachother, and laugh, they have little conversations as they play, and they don’t need toys, they just make up their own games running around like crazy. I love how she’s protective of her friends and their baby brothers and sisters. She drags me across to them if she hears them cry, or they loose a soother. She wants to help. I think she’ll be a lovely big sister when little one arrives next year.

Now she’s 2 years old I feel like we’ve turned a corner, we have a proper little person now, one who looks like a little grown up, who talks, shows emotions, and is just very very cute (despite the tiring tantrum filled days!). I really wouldn’t have it any other way. I’d go back to work, and she’d go to nursery if I wanted to, actually I’d just send her to nursery and not bother with the work, just get half a day to myself! Wait, what am I saying, I’ve missed a trick there! But seriously, I only get this time once, I want to make the most of it and hope that I am.

I’m sure as H has only just turned two, that we’ve a lot more phases of the terrible twos to go through, but on the other side of the coin, we’ve much more two cuteness to come too. It’s such an exciting journey, and one that really keeps hubby and I on our toes,
Lynne x

P.S. If you didnt see my last update, when Toddler H was 20 months here is the post and if you missed my pregnancy announcement (or know anything about nub theory, I’d love your opinion) please do have a read. 

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    January 8, 2017 at 6:19 am

    This was a lovely read! My youngest is just 2 and she too tantrums for snacks! I’m sure she eats more than me,

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