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Simba hybrid mattress review first night #simbasleep memory foam converts
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Sleep. That thing we talk about all the time. Lack of. Babies. Night feeds. Teething. Back pain. Spd. Leg pain. Hip pain. Pregnancy. All of these are things I’ve mentioned in conjunction with sleep just on this blog, never mind the conversations with friends, family and of course hubby. We’d owned our Sealy mattress for 9 years and after our fab first night away from the girls at Cotswold Waterpark hotel we came home to our old faithful mattress and both winced. Hubby said it first, “we need a new mattress”. Immediately I started googling mattress and discovered the Simba mattress. Full of amazing reviews, 5*s and best of all its not just memory foam like so many are these days, it has springs too. I’m not sure about memory foam, maybe I’m old fashioned! The cool top to the memory foam sounded ideal, I hate being hot in bed!

I was struck with just how much thought and research had gone into the Simba hybrid mattress. It’s got 5 layers to it, that takes real thought!

Simba mattress review - our first night and dellivery. #simbasleep

The thought and testing that had gone into the Simba mattress, their 10 year warranty, 100 day sleep guarantee (or they’ll pick it up and refund you) all made me think this is the mattress for us. Hubby was delighted as he’d apparently seen an advert for the Simba hybrid mattresses near a business park advertising how they are tested…

I was delighted when Simba allowed us to review a mattress. We were even more thrilled when we found out they’d take away old faithful for us, one less trip to the dump – win! It arrived as planned, within our 2 hour time slot. In fact the driver said he had been early but hadn’t got hold of us, so they came back within the slot. Fab!

I couldn’t believe the size of the box that was meant to hold our kingside mattress. Tiny!

Simba mattress review arrives in a small box -deceptive next to a door - review of our first night and delivery. #simbasleep

When hubby arrived home we took it upstairs and even let H stay up late to help open it – check out the video for her helping… let’s just say she may never go to bed on time again, if staying up involved all this fun!

Unboxing our Simba mattress

Easy Peasy. Just allow 3-4 hours for the mattress to fully pop up. It does take up to 48 hours to fully expand, but you can sleep on it before, obviously. Or jump on it. Ours has been fully tested in that respect!

They even supplied a tool to help open the plastic which seems much safer than scissors (we’re keeping to tool for future openings as it seems fab and safer than a Stanley knife!)

Simba mattress review - opening the box and the mattress packaged on the bed - our first night and delivery. #simbasleep

I love the extra touches in our welcome pack!

Simba Mattress Review Day One

Despite being sure this was the mattress for us, we were unsure of how good it would be, nervous it wouldn’t be quite as good as we imagined, we’d be disappointed having built up the thought in our heads… and seen that advert! After lying on it straight after unboxing it, we were so very excited to get to sleep. Well, our verdict after one night… we slept so well. Soundly. Out for the count. We woke up feeling like we’d had a good night’s sleep. I’m not sure what else I could have asked for…. apart from not to wake to the sound of a 3 year old shouting “I’ve done a poo, mummy come and wipe my bottom”. I guess there’s nothing Simba can do about that. All I can say is they’ve done everything they could do ensure we had a good night’s sleep.

Simba mattress review - we had a great comfy first night. After our first night and dellivery. #simbasleep

That probably leads onto why we slept so well…

Why does a Simba mattress differ to the others?

There are 5 layers in a Simba mattress, now as much as I’d love to review them all… here’s the diagram of what they are, and a blurb they provide on some detail…

I’m no mattress expert just a mum wanting to wake up without aching hips and legs. As a mum who had spd in pregnancy, twice, who would struggle to move, roll over and get up. A mum who at the time, said, maybe this mattress isn’t helping. A mum who since then has thought “I always seem to be compensating with the way I’m led in bed. My back isn’t straight, my legs and hips still hurt.” So, after our first night on the Simba mattress, did I have that pain? No. No, hint whatsoever. I felt hugged. I felt comfy. I felt like I’d had nice deep sleeps. I didn’t hurt or ache.

I spotted this on the Simbasleep Instagram page and think it helps explain why the support is so good in this mattress…

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Now, we’ve gone on holiday, so we’ve only slept on it for a few nights… I’ll be back with an update as to how we’re getting on in a week or so…

Right now, I thoroughly recommend the Simba hybrid mattress.

Get £75 off a Simba Hybrid Mattress…

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       * I do receive a commission if you follow this link, but you also get £75 off so it’s win win!

If you’re in any doubt about your sleep, your mattress, read the reviews, the Simba hybrid mattress is worth considering and if you don’t like it there’s always the 100 day guarantee!

Update: One month on our Simba Mattress

I’ve written an update on how we’re getting on on our Simba Hybrid mattress…. spoiler: it’s not bad, read our experience here!


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