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Simba hybrid mattress review follow up one month simbasleep better nights sleep
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Well that was the fastest month ever! Just over a month ago we received our Simba Hybrid Mattress to review – you can read about our first night with our Simba Mattress here. We’ve now been sleeping on our kingsize Simba Hybrid mattress for 30 nights (we were on holiday in the middle so I’ve not counted that!) and do you know what we say every single night when we lie down?

“Ahhhhhhh” “Why didn’t we come to bed sooner”

Yes, we find the Simba Hybrid mattress is incredibly comfy. Similar to the sort of mattress you lie on in a lovely hotel and just feel content. Where you close your eyes and sigh. Where you just cant imagine feeling comfier. We get that feeling EVERY single night. Every single time we get into bed. It is brilliant. 

If you prefer a video, here are our basic thoughts over on my YouTube channel:

What have we noticed since getting our Simba mattress?

  • We love getting into bed, just to feel that ahhhhhh comfiness.
  • We fall asleep really quickly. Often in mere minutes.
  • If we’re up in the night we usually fall back asleep really quickly.
  • The best bit is I haven’t had any leg or hip pain since getting the new mattress. I had really bad SPD in pregnancy and quite often I still had pains when I woke up or during the night.
  • The girls seem to end up playing on our bed much more than before!
  • I’ve been known to wonder why H is so quiet playing in her room and discover her like this…
  • A comfy Simba Hybrid mattress review after one month #SimbaSleep
  • Of course if B is napping or already in bed and hubby not home I’ll join her!

Simba Hybrid mattress review after one month | #SimbaSleep

Any excuse to climb into bed!

I can safely say this mattress has changed our sleep and also my morning.

As I was sent this mattress to review, I’ve also been allowed to give you, my readers, a special link which will give you £75 off your own Simba mattress – *SIMBA DISCOUNT CODE ALERT* just click here – Simba £75 off!

Simba support

Getting up and feeling that familiar ache in my leg and hip wasn’t a fun way to start the day. Waking in the night to that ache was not something I enjoyed either. I haven’t woken to that feeling or that struggle to get comfy, since receiving our new Simba Hybrid mattress.

So yes, since receiving our Simba Hybrid Mattress we’ve had huge changes!

Our new Simba mattress has definitely helped me sleep sounder, and I know hubby agrees. The smile on our faces as we feel that comfy hotel style feeling. Sinking in snug, yet supported. The support in this mattress is far superior to our old, 9 year old, Sealy. It really makes me wonder if we’d changed mattress when I was pregnant if I would have had a very different second pregnancy. The spd was so much worse with that second pregnancy and the mattress just that bit older, 2.5 years older at that stage in its life could have made that difference.

Well we can’t regret these things can we? Now, all we can do is appreciate that now we are comfy, now we are supported and now, we are getting a superb nights sleep (in among the kids waking us up!).

I don’t want to repeat everything that’s over on the Simba website, as you’re much better getting that technical view and how the mattress is constructed from them themselves… but in my view it’s five layers of well designed support, with a fab cool top so you don’t overheat.

Simba Hybrid mattress review after one month | #SimbaSleep

I’ll pop an update up again in a couple of months when we reach 100 nights, as Simba have their 100 night guarantee. I’ve also a ‘one month on our Simba hybrid mattress review going live on my You Tube channel this week, so do check that out too.

Meanwhile, here’s a cute pic of B snuggling down at nap time!

Simba Hybrid mattress review after one month | #SimbaSleep

For you: Get £75 off a Simba Hybrid Mattress

I’ve a special link for £75 off a Simba Mattress –

If you have a Simba mattress I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments? Do you love it as much as we do?

New Mummy Blog Review Verdict:

100% recommended! We absolutely love our new Simba Hybrid mattress!

Video Reviews

Unboxing and our first night on our Simba Mattress Video

Our first 30 nights on our Simba Mattress Video

Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post, we were sent our king size Simba Hybrid mattress for the purposes of this review, but all opinions are our own. These are just our honest experiences. I also receive a commission for any clicks on the link in this post, however you also receive £75 off your mattress, so it’s win win!

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