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We were very kindly sent a very cute ladybird Summer Infant Slumber Buddies music light show for Baby B. We’re huge fans of baby bedtime projection toys as it was a mobile with star projection light show that helped Toddler H sleep so well. From 3 months every time she heard it she’d calm down and we’d pop her in her cot to sleep for the night. We’re hoping to be as lucky with Baby B, however, as she’s in the Next2Me crib we can’t attach the H’s old mobile and so we were very excited to try this ladybird and hopefully get the same results.

slumber buddies ladybird starlight show projection

Yes, he was cute in the box, but I must say we loved him even more as soon as we got him out. Toddler H loved him too, wanting to show him to Baby B and carrying him round. 


He’s super soft, and sooo cute, just look at that cute smiling face.

slumber buddies ladybird starlight show projection with music

It’s really easy to use, there are three buttons on top: one for volume, one for choosing the music and one for choosing the light show.

There is also a switch in the battery compartment which enables you to choose the length of time the music/lights last: off, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and demo (which lasts a minute or so). Ours arrived set to demo.


Here are some pictures of the starlight projection: 

Our favourite it the blue stars, they’re very calming and slightly more muted.

Here is video showing the different music options.


I really like the baby heart beat sounds, it’s something that is very subtle but so reassuring to newborns, similar to the heartbeat sound played by Ewan The Dream Sheep.

You can see the green star lights clearly in this picture when it was still in the box…

slumber buddies ladybird starlight show projection

I love that the moon and Saturn are also projected, it adds another dimension. I described Saturn as the one with the ring and Toddler H was really confused… She calls it the one with the hat – which is a brilliant observation and I can’t not see it that way now 😂


The basics

Cost: RRP £24.99

Music Settings: 3 lullabies, 2 nature sounds and heart-beat

Light Settings: 3 (red stars, green stars, or blue stars)



Hubby and I love watching the light show on the ceiling at night and we’re trying to make it part of Baby B’s night time routine when she goes to bed already so that she might learn night time from day time and so it becomes a calming influence on her. Some of the music is a bit loud for her at the moment, I’ve noticed she stirs when it’s on, but maybe she’s usually stirring anyway as I’ve just taken her upstairs, so we need to start it playing when she’s awake so she gets used to it.

We love this light show as its very cute and so easy to use. I think this will be a staple in Baby B’s life for a few years yet.

Hubby and I will definitely miss falling asleep under the stars when she moves to her own room.

Do you have a Slumber Buddy? Do you think lightshow and music helps with routine too?


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    Lisa - Little Orange Dog
    July 19, 2017 at 8:55 am

    Just putting this out there, because I am a little bit in love with this cute ladybird, but do we think that I’m too old to have one for myself? I want to be a kid again #bestandworst

    • Reply
      July 19, 2017 at 3:38 pm

      Haha no I think it’s fine… I definitely won’t be keen when it leaves our room!

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