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We were recently sent a brand new Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier which is a fab new ergonomic baby carrier by Ergobaby which is suitable for all age ranges from newborn, baby and toddlers. Crucially the Ergobaby Adapt is suitable for newborns (from 7lbs) and does not need a newborn insert and lasts up to age 4. This is perfect for us as we have a 2 week old and a 2.5 year old toddler, meaning both can easily use it. I was very kindly sent the Sophie La Girafe Festival version which is just gorgeous, it’s a lovely blue with a lovely ‘festival’ white, red and blue material. My Ergobaby Adapt carrier review is below, and I have also reviewed it separately with our toddler – Ergobaby carrier review with a 3 year old

Ergobaby Adapt Review


  • Can be used from birth to 4 years (7lbs / 3.2kgs to 45lbs / 20kgs)
  • No insert needed (other Ergo carriers need a newborn insert)
  • 3 carrying positions – front (0 month+), side and back (5 months+)
  • Ergonomic ‘M’ position carrying position meaning baby is well supported
  • Cross over straps for extra comfort (or not!)
  • Lumbar support, hip strap that is padded for extra comfort
  • Machine washable
  • Hood for shading baby from sun and for privacy (and aids sleep) – it’s UPF50
  • Toy strap


  • Is not a 4 position carrier like the Ergo 360 (which also has a front facing option)
  • Takes up more room in your bag than a soft baby wrap, but can be used much longer so I’m not sure this really counts!
  • Is more expensive than some carriers (but I firmly believe you get what you pay for, especially in terms of baby carriers!)

As you can see I’ve majorly struggled to find any disadvantages, so I thoroughly recommend this Ergobaby Adapt carrier.

It’s easy to use, easy to adjust for different age groups and appears to be super comfy. I like that it’s hard to use this wrongly, and it keeps baby in that crucial ‘M’ shape, which is the best position for them.

Why I rate the Ergobaby Adapt…

As you know I strive to be completely honest and in this point my hubby will completely agree, we’ve tried a few carriers over our 2.5 years as parents…

Without a doubt I would completely and utterly recommend Ergo Baby carriers

Ergo are very well respected, and well made and importantly their carriers hold baby (and toddler) in an ergonomic position which is best for their hips.

The Adapt carrier is fantastic as it has the added convenience of lasting from newborn to toddler without an newborn insert and they’re just so well made and thought out.

Using the ErgoBaby Adapt

The straps on the Ergobaby Adapt are easy to do up, and comfy. They are also very secure and easy to tighten once the carrier is on. It is also possible to wear the straps either as you would a backpack or cross them over which ever you find comfiest. Some other carriers don’t have a waist strap, providing lumbar support, and therefore the baby’s weight is carried on your shoulders and these carriers generally don’t last very long – the one we had before (Baby Bjorn) was killing my back by 7 months. The Ergobaby Adapt has a very comfy waist support strap with padding. I also like that every strap has a tiny elastic attached to the end which is used to hold the excess straps and stop them flapping about. I really think it’s the little touches that really make the difference and justify the cost of this carrier.

As I mentioned in the advantages it’s easy to convert between age settings, just adjust the velco settings on the waist band (which are clearly identified on the actual carrier), and adjust the poppers on the outside to make sure little one is in the ‘M’ position – the carrier to reach to little one’s knees and their bottom should be lower than their knees.

ergobaby Adapt baby carrier sophie la girafe how to adjust it newborn to 45lbs 4 year old

See the difference when looking at the front and the ‘M’ shape.

Ergobaby carrier sophie la girafe M shape Adapt carrier newborn to 4 year old

The baby setting when looking at the outside of the carrier. The 0-4 month setting also involved popping the headrest to the inside of the carrier.

Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier review sophie la girafe - ergonomic carrier

The older baby/toddler setting:

The headrest is in the outside position in this photo which is the middle setting. For the older setting the headrest can be manoeuvred upright (and secured using buttons) to provide support to older little ones.

Ergobaby Adapt carrier sophie la girafe toddler settings

In terms of comparing to other baby carriers, we have used a Babyway carrier, a Baby Bjorn and a Beco Butterfly. Only the Beco was an ergonomic carrier. This Ergobaby Adapt surpasses all of these, is much much comfier and well thought out with those extra details, especially strap holder elastics, toy strap, UPF 50+ hood (also great for helping baby sleep).

Ergobaby Adapt review verdict

Every time use the Adapt carrier, Baby B falls asleep. She’s content, happy and comfortable. I cannot fault it, especially give. How long we’ll be able to use it with her, and coupled with the fact that got the next year and a bit, Toddler H can also fit in it.

It’s so well made, and has the little details and extras that make it very mum friendly and the fact it doesn’t need any faffing or a newborn insert it’s a very easy to use newborn carrier.
100% recommended!

Amazon affiliate* link to the ErgoBaby Adapt carrier:

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