Five things I’d love for Mother’s Day

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It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and so I thought given I’m on this mission to ‘find me’ and discover who I am, what would I actually like this Mother’s Day?

1. Mum fuel

Yup, tea and coffee by the bucket load. I know I have that everyday, but it’s always special at weekends when hubby is home, we have nice breakfasts and I have an extra pair of hands and I can actually drink my tea while it is hot!

Mum fuel mug spotted in Asda for Mother’s Day

I’m also looking forward to enjoying our White’s Oaty potato cakes which we’ll be making too – the super easy recipe White’s sent us is in my next blog post – Oaty potato cakes with smoked salmon.

2. Family time

We had a long weekend in Croyde recently and it was just perfect, so relaxing, so happy and just lovely us plodding along having fun. This is my first Mother’s Day as a mummy of two, so it will be extra special. Seeing how close the girls are, their giggles and the fun they have together already really does make my day.

3. A clean car

It sounds silly, but my car is a mess, there are biscuits on the floor and we haven’t yet found the olives H dropped from her sandwich in Croyde – I dread to think how they look now, one week on! A nice clean car would just be amazing!

4. A family picture

We had some gorgeous photos take by the absolutely amazing photographer Gill from Mouse About Town in Cheltenham she Baby B was still counted as weeks old. We planned to get one blown up onto canvas, but haven’t yet. It’s simple things like that that would be lovely at Mother’s Day. These little jobs and finishing touches that you just don’t get round to.

4. A ‘mummy’ type of book

I’m thinking something like ‘Calm’ by Fearne Cotton or Happy Mum Happy Baby by Giovanna Fletcher, or of course there is always the ‘reality strikes’ I’m-not-alone classic ‘Hurrah for Gin’ by Katie Kirby. Something that just makes us mums feel better when we’re a bit down, having a pooey moment. The book we’d love to sit down with a hot cup of tea and a packet of biscuits and just sit and read, but in reality might spend 5 minutes as we collapse into bed.

A few feel good books perfect for Mother’s Day - Hurrah for Gin by Katie Kirby and Happy by Fearne Cotton

5. A bit of DIY

Yup, that’s actually on my list – we’re trying to organise our house, so a bit of time to sort some boxes of baby clothes, although a chore, actually makes me feel so SO much better as it gets us nearer to our goal of being tidy again. We’ve so many little jobs to do, blinds to put up, tips runs to do, cupboard door locks to put on, desks to put together… small things, hour jobs that just add up. It sounds silly to have this on my Mother’s Day list, but it makes me feel better and that’s what counts!

Of course I’d love to see my own mum on Mother’s Day but my parents don’t live close enough for us to visit for the day, so maybe next year. Her card is in the post, and presents on their way; we’ll possibly Skype, and of course I know she’s there at the end of the phone when ever I need a moan, advice or to celebrate. Whatever we need, I know she’s there, and on the next train if that’s what helps.

What top 5 things would be on your Mother’s Day wish list?

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